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2 May, 2021

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On paper, the Jews seem to be very smart and creative. But are they really? Or do they just have a talent for gaming the system and for being in the right place at the right time, or, knowing the right people? I’ve often wondered that. Which is the truth? I know that Jews help […]

4 August, 2020

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“Racial Biology of the Jews” by Baron Otmar von Verschuer, M.D. (1938). (Dr. William Pierce called the Jews a “hybrid race” and that’s an accurate term, since there are two main branches of Jews: the large branch [Ashkenazim, or Eastern European Jews] and the much smaller branch [Sephardim, or Mediterranean or Spanish Jews]; 90% of […]

2 January, 2019

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Jews are the most difficult, most argumentative, most hard-to-please people on earth, hence the reason nobody likes them. Here’s one example for newbies. Scenario #2 actually happened at my Dad’s workplace some years ago, though not exactly with the same dialogue: Scenario #1, Two Gentiles: Gentile: “Here’s $20.00 as a little birthday present. I didn’t […]

21 December, 2013

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This thread at VNN Forum reminded me of our former Jewish neighbors (who were about 45 or 50 years old at the time). One of the more interesting things that I recall about them was that they would not do any physical work, no matter how small the task. For example, if they had something […]

1 May, 2010

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here] and [Here].

30 March, 2010

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You’ve heard the claims before: Jews are pushy wheeler-dealers who exploit gentiles and file lawsuits. Where, oh, where did those charges come from? [Obituary].

17 September, 2009

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With the Jews, why is everything about either money or poop? Here’s the quote: (Cuddihy is talking about Jewish psychiatrist/psychotherapist “Fritz” Perls, the coiner of the term “Gestalt Therapy”) who “…goes on to distinguish three classes of verbiage production in his therapy sessions: chickenshit…bullshit…elephantshit…” — from the book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss […]

1 August, 2009

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by Edmund Connelly. “For those conversant with the Bible, the twin themes of Jewish resource acquisition and deceit will be familiar. For example, in A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, Kevin MacDonald describes this:” [Article].

20 July, 2009

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by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon. “One of my interests in life is the bizarre phenomenon of anti-Jewish propaganda manufactured by elite and well-organized cadres of Jews. Israel Shamir, in his controversial book Cabbala of Power, makes an interesting point about ‘hook-nosed Jews.’ It seems that many Jews, far from shrinking from mention of their noses, never […]