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16 July, 2018

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(Above: the Israeli flag with the Jewish hate symbol on it known as the Magen David [Star of David]) An Israeli flag will soon be planted on the moon, polluting the moonscape forever with bigotry and hate [1][2]. Can you imagine the outcry if anyone tried to put a Nazi flag on the moon? [Article]. […]

12 September, 2008

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Einstein wasn’t an infallible super-genius? Then why does everybody think that he was? [Article].

2 September, 2008

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The neocons want it “on the official record” that America is still engaged in an ongoing “war” against shadowy Muslims who do wicked things because they “hate our freedom” (not because of Jews/Israel/Zionism). A century from now, when this “war” is finally over, maybe the vision on Israel’s flag will be a reality [1]: [Article]. […]

18 May, 2008

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  Did you know that almost all prepackaged foods you buy and consume are “Blessed” by a Rabbi?…For a price of course. Join Mark Faust as he exposes yet another Jew perpetrated swindle designed to empty the wallets of non Jews everywhere.   Only at: Voice of Reason Broadcast Network  

8 December, 2007

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About a menorah near the White House: [Here]. About a menorah in the White House on December 10th: [Here].