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17 August, 2014

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(Above: Harry Dexter White) It’s bad enough that Harry Dexter White was a Jewish communist. He was also a Soviet spy and a one-man nation-wrecker. Not only did he help communize China, but, he played a critical role in pushing America into World War II. Yes, he was one of the Horsejews of the Apocalypse. […]

4 March, 2011

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Espionage seems to be in the blood of Jews: 90% of all the “red” spies were yids: [Article].

30 September, 2010

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In fact, 3/4 of Congress would no doubt release the Jewish spy if they could, in order to suck up to Israel. (Read this article and note the damage done by Pollard’s spying): [Article].

23 September, 2010

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Typical Jew mentality: ‘we’ll temporarily stop building on land that we stole, if you release one of our many traitors from prison.’ [Article].

25 June, 2010

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The Korean War is in the news/on TV these days. In fact, I participated in a short discussion about it. I asked “if Russia and China hadn’t been Jewed (i.e., been communized due to Jewish subversion), would the Korean War have happened?” The answer, of course, is no: [Article].

24 October, 2009

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When it comes to spying against America, the question isn’t “how many spies have been Jews?,” the question is instead, “how many spies haven’t been Jews?” In fact, the biggest spy ring in U.S. history was headed by a snagglesnoot named Nathan Gregory Silvermaster: [Article]. More: [Here] and [Here].

26 April, 2009

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In a current American magazine [1], there is an article about George Koval (1913-2006), the Jewish engineer who was a key player in the providing of nuclear weapons secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1940s. This is a good time, then, to bring up the rarely-mentioned fact that almost all of the people who […]

14 March, 2009

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Funny and sad at the same time. We borrow massive amounts of money from a wealthy (!) communist – ok, semi-communist – country to, among other things, pay for wars that we shouldn’t be fighting in the first place. Trivia: two Jews – Solomon Adler and Harry Dexter White – played important roles in the […]

6 November, 2008

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There will be 45 Jews in Congress out of 535 seats total, despite the fact that Jews make up a tiny percentage of the U.S. population, i.e., 2.4 percent. Trivia: Only one U.S. congressman is known to have spied against America. He was a Jew (Samuel Dickstein of New York, who died in 1954): [Article].

15 November, 2007

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Koval’s name can be added to the long list of Jews who spied on America for the Soviet Union. In fact, among the major spies who have been caught snooping in the U.S., only a few have been gentiles [1]: [Article]. [1] more about Jewish spies: [Here]