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21 May, 2009

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Yeah, suuure. Anything to discredit “fascism.” Newbies, unlike democracy, fascism can actually preserve culture and can stop the Jews, hence the fear of it. Trivia: the top Soviet officials who were based in Spain in order to fight Franco and communize that country were Jews, e.g., Grigori Stern, Emilio Kleber, Yakov Smushkevich, Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko and […]

18 May, 2009

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There’s no slowing the Jewish tikkun olam machine as it tries to remake Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan – and who knows where else next – for the benefit of world Jewry. (Isn’t it interesting which countries the Jews select for remodeling? For example, they ignore the Asian/Oriental countries, unless you want to count the installation of […]

12 May, 2009

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Thanks to endless, Jewish political pressure, a harmless old man – who is sick with bone marrow disease – has been deported to face prison in a foreign land. Oh, yeah, sure, they have “evidence” against Demjanjuk, just like they had “evidence” that he was the camp guard called “Ivan the Terrible” (oops, that evidence […]

8 May, 2009

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Re: Hungary under the leadership of Jewish communist Bela Kun: “Dr. Eugene Hamberger, a Jewish surgeon who became Commissioner for Agriculture, wrote to a Zionist correspondent: ‘My good fellow, we mean to ruin the Christian landlords first, then we shall send all the Christian officials and professors to the dogs; and when once the people […]

2 May, 2009

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The Jews are so sure that every White person is a closet anti-Semite ready to p-p-poisecute them that they’re willing to destroy Western culture in order to “save” themselves. It’s pure insanity, and it’s…all your fault! Yes! Some way, somehow, The Other is to blame for their insanity. Jews are always innocent, Whites are always […]

1 May, 2009

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“Jewish problem,” Mr. Roosevelt? Interesting choice of words! Anyway, the big issue is that the Jews gained enormous power and “legitimacy” when they got their own state in 1948 through violence and political sneakiness. The Jews came out of the wilderness then, much to the detriment of the rest of the world: [Article]. More about […]

29 April, 2009

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There are about 900,000 Holocaust monuments, memorials and museums in the world. But that’s not enough. Not even close. The Jews want more. Your tax dollars will pay for them, of course, and the guilt that those monuments create (by design) will ensure that more laws will be passed which take away your freedom of […]

26 April, 2009

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In a current American magazine [1], there is an article about George Koval (1913-2006), the Jewish engineer who was a key player in the providing of nuclear weapons secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1940s. This is a good time, then, to bring up the rarely-mentioned fact that almost all of the people who […]

25 April, 2009

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Isn’t it bad enough that Hungary was kiked twice in the last century? [1]. Does it really need to be kiked some more via Holocaust-denial laws? [Article]. [1] by Jewish communists Bela Kun (in 1919) and Mathias Rakosi (post-WWII)

21 April, 2009

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Big Jew: “You will have a Holocaust museum in every city and town. Understand?” America: “Yes, master.” [Article].