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7 January, 2017

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“Oy, veh, people are always picking on us!” cries the Jew. A clever tactic: now he’s got “the power of the victim.” The reality, however, is very different. The Jews have been wrecking nations and behaving badly since before Biblical times – in fact, the Romans had to land on them several times, such was […]

29 December, 2016

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(Above: Palestine went from being Arab to being Jewish) The very last thing that Israel wants is peace. Instead, the Jews want to control the entire Middle East and they nearly do already, thanks to their sophisticated weapons and America’s massive military and financial support. But the bottom line is this: the Jews have been […]

3 September, 2016

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“America won World War II.” Newbies, you’ve heard that many times. But we didn’t win it. The Jews, and the Soviets, won WWII. Indeed, White people in the West lost it big time, to the point where Whites will soon face extinction, thanks to brown immigration and higher brown birth rates in all of the […]

8 August, 2016

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Seen on the internet: an advertisement for a cable TV show about American spies (i.e., Americans spying on America for the Soviet Union). Here’s some trivia: almost every spy has been a Jew. That’s right. Here’s a partial list of those Jews. More trivia: the only U.S. congressman to spy on America for the Soviet […]

6 October, 2015

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Jewish media boss #1: “As much as I hate to mention it, we have to face the possibility of…well…Europe remaining White.” Jewish media boss #2: “Oh, my God! Don’t even think it! We’ve worked so hard since 1945. Whiteness is on the way out. Every White country is turning Brown with immigrants and refugees! White […]

26 September, 2015

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How many times have you heard the false claim that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”? [1]. The Jews have an odd definition of “democracy,” which, judging by the graphic below, means massive land confiscation and genocide. . [1] Tunisia and Lebanon are democracies

23 September, 2015

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But it should really be called Glom Gyper, so hold onto your wallets during the next year, goyim! You see, after Glom Gyper, the Jews have “permission from God” to swindle non-Jews, thanks to the Kol Nidre prayer, which releases Jews from any contracts or promises made during the coming year. And watch out for […]

16 September, 2015

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After being sodomized by alien people not once, but twice, Hungary understands the dangers of foreigners better than most countries. [Article].

4 August, 2015

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Gun-control laws and Jews: they’re like Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy: they’re silly and they’re inseparable. In fact, every major gun-control law came from a Jew, including the notorious 1968 gun-control act [1], which ended the days of buying inexpensive, military-surplus guns directly through the mail. [Article]. . [1] House bill H.R. 17735, […]

15 July, 2015

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As if Israel has any room to criticize Iran over nuclear issues. Israel has many sophisticated nuclear weapons, yet it won’t “allow” Iran to own even one nuclear weapon. Furthermore, Isntreal won’t allow any Western inspectors to inspect its nuclear weapons for safety and security. Are Israel’s weapons stored safely? Are they properly maintained? Are […]