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4 August, 2015

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Gun-control laws and Jews: they’re like Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy: they’re silly and they’re inseparable. In fact, every major gun-control law came from a Jew, including the notorious 1968 gun-control act [1], which ended the days of buying inexpensive, military-surplus guns directly through the mail. [Article]. . [1] House bill H.R. 17735, […]

15 July, 2015

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As if Israel has any room to criticize Iran over nuclear issues. Israel has many sophisticated nuclear weapons, yet it won’t “allow” Iran to own even one nuclear weapon. Furthermore, Isntreal won’t allow any Western inspectors to inspect its nuclear weapons for safety and security. Are Israel’s weapons stored safely? Are they properly maintained? Are […]

6 March, 2015

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Israel is indeed the biggest troublemaker in the Middle East. In fact, Israel has attacked all of its neighbors at least once and a few of them several times (Israel has attacked Lebanon 3 times and Egypt twice) [1]. [Article]. [1] more about Israeli aggression in the Middle East: Here

5 March, 2015

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“Russia is the Jews’ hell, and they know it.” — VNN Forum poster “ohgolly.” “There are many reasons for this, certainly including Russia’s alliance with Iran and Syria at a time when Israel and the Israel Lobby are doing all they can to promote war with both. Quite simply, Jewish hostility stems from the fact […]

1 March, 2015

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(Above: victims of the Soviet Union’s secret police, called the NKVD, which was run by Genrikh Yagoda, a vicious Jew who was later purged by Stalin) Do you think Nazism was a murderous ideology? Well, Nazism was child’s play compared to this ideology. This ideology has murdered and oppressed tens of millions of innocent people. […]

25 February, 2015

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…so much so that they seem to be against the “small-time capitalism” that’s spreading into Cuba. Would they rather see Cuba go back to communism? I think that many liberals would. (By the way, Political Science students, Cuba proved that communism doesn’t work. If you can’t make communism work on a “prison island” [i.e., there’s […]

19 February, 2015

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Jewish activist #1: “I’m sorry, Whitey, but only non-Whites can have ethno-states.” Jewish activist #2: “Yes, only non-Whites can. White nation-states are a threat to us Jews. We fear them. We didn’t dismantle Rhodesia and White South Africa just to give you a nation-state 30 years later. Didn’t you hear what General Wesley Clark said […]

12 February, 2015

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(Above: Jewish politician Laurent Fabius) The man, Vincent Reynouard, violated the Jewish-created/communist-created Fabius-Gayssot law [1]. What if White people controlled Europe, instead of Jews? [Article]. [1] the 1990 Fabius-Gayssot law came from a Jew, Laurent Fabius and a communist, Jean-Claude Gayssot

22 January, 2015

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(Above: the three stooges, from L to R: Churchill, F.D. Roosevelt and “Uncle Joe” Stalin) “Churchill repeatedly rejected peace offers from Germany in 1940 and 1941, even siding with the Labor members of the cabinet against his own party when the other Conservatives in the cabinet wanted to end the war.” [Article].

17 January, 2015

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From “Nature’s Eternal Religion” by Ben Klassen. A pretty good essay, but note that Karl Marx’s partner, Friedrich Engels, was not a Jew. “To hear the Kosher Konservatives tell it, a fierce, intensive battle is raging today between the evil forces of communism and the sacred forces of Christianity. We are led to believe that […]