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21 September, 2021

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The Jews (who are genetically non-White) have been kicked out of over 109 countries throughout history (see list below). They have been expelled from France five different times since 1182 AD. That’s a horrible record. No other people have come close to such a horrible record! When your people are expelled from, say, 12 different […]

12 September, 2021

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(Above: Jewish communist leader Matyas Rakosi [real name: Rosenfeld] of Hungary, circa 1950. The vicious little runt terrorized Hungary from 1947 to 1956). Hungary has been sacked twice by communist Jews: once in 1919 by Bela Kun, and once in 1947 by Matyas Rakosi [1]. But nonetheless, the Pope is warning Hungary about…wait for it…”anti-Semitism”! […]

1 April, 2021

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Everyone is a victim today. And White males are the perpetrators. Oh, those evil White men! How dare they! This victimhood is straight out of the Jewish playbook: Jews have been posing as innocent victims for centuries, and especially since the Russian “pogroms” of the 1880s, which were mostly fake and were used as an […]