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16 November, 2020

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One of the ways that liberals are like Jews: they never forgive anybody. Conservatives forgive people all the time. Liberals never forgive anybody, even after 50 years or more. (Another way liberals are like Jews: they always attack you personally. “You’re (select one): a racist, a hater, a philanderer, a sexist, an idiot, a jerk,” […]

10 September, 2019

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The Jews, 1919: “We will remake the world into a place that is safe for the Jews!” America, 2019: “We will remake the world into a place that is safe for the Jews!” Call me crazy, but I’m seein’ a connection here! [Article].

24 June, 2019

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How did liberals come to hate White people? It wasn’t always that way with the Left. The Old Left (circa 1920s-1950s) didn’t hate Whites. It focused mostly on class issues (rich vs. poor) and labor issues (organizing and running labor unions, pushing for better wages and improved working conditions, etc.). The New Left (circa 1964-onward), […]

25 April, 2015

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Jews are very political people. They politicize everything: food, plumbing supplies, automobiles. As a result of the Jews controlling our pop culture (e.g., newspapers, magazines, movies, TV shows), things that shouldn’t be political, such as the opening of a restaurant, are political. [Article].

6 March, 2011

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Don’t be a Jew. If you don’t need something, don’t buy it. Do right: live White. [Article].

16 February, 2011

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One of the things mentioned in this essay is financial speculation, which is a Jewish specialty that has “rubbed off” onto gentiles and which should be illegal in the West: [Article].

13 December, 2010

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Right? No? Better not say that to a rabbi. The stock market is said to be “good for the economy” because, for example, businesses can start-up and grow much faster via publicly-traded stock than they could otherwise. But who cares? Why is that a good thing? How fast does the economy need to grow, anyway? […]

13 November, 2008

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Almost as bad as the Jews is gentile plutocracy (or maybe that should read “jewntile plutocracy”) [1]. In fact, author Ivor Benson noted that supercapitalism has some Marxist features: [Article]. [1] “jewntile” = a gentile who behaves like a Jew due to the Jewing of Western culture