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15 September, 2013

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I think it needs to be stressed to newbies that Jews are not just a “faith,” as Mr. Irving said. They are instead a race/ethnic group related by DNA, i.e., you are a Jew by blood [1][2]. [1] gentiles can convert to the “religion” of Judaism, but Orthodox Jews do not consider religious converts to […]

30 August, 2013

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MLK has Jesus beat: he’s Black! But it’s an appropriate comparison anyway. Jesus was a Jew, and King was built by Jews [1]. [Article]. [1] Jesus’ mother Mary was a Jewess, since she came from the House of David. That makes Jesus a Jew under Jewish law

3 March, 2013

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“Before Shatter, the Irish government had taken steps to reduce non-European immigration, including abolishing automatic citizenship for children born to foreigners in Ireland and drastically reducing the admission of asylum seekers.” You know, if Whites treated Jews like Jews treat Whites, then Jews wouldn’t be able to hold positions in White governments: Jewish religious law […]

10 May, 2012

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Meanwhile, most Jews continue to deny that they’re a race, claiming that they’re only a “religion.” (According to the criteria of one U.S. government bureau, the Jews are a race) [1]. [Article]. [1] i.e., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. See the VDARE article “The Race FAQ” by Steve Sailer, December 16, 2007

9 April, 2012

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So sad: Jewish TV “newsman” Mike Wallace has expired. (Of course, “Wallace” wasn’t his original family surname. It was Wallik). I’ll always remember him as the guy who harangued Dr. William Pierce in a TV interview. It was a very hypocritical interview. Wallace did his best to portray Pierce as a bad man who preached […]

6 March, 2012

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Well, since 1948, the Jews have attacked their neighbors a dozen times (including attacking Lebanon 3 times), so it’s about time that they strike at Iran, either by themselves or via their enforcer, America. In fact, a Jewish attack on Iran seems preordained, e.g., the yids have been eating Persian/Iranian ears (“Haman’s ears”) for centuries; […]

9 January, 2012

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Judaism – a creed of hate posing as ‘just another religion’ – will not be criticized by either the Left or the Right, which means it has a free pass in the Western world, unlike Christianity or Islam. [Article].

31 December, 2011

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Genocide: it’s a Jewish thing, you wouldn’t understand. [Article/video].

12 December, 2011

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[…] “The Tanya contains two noteworthy ideas: First, an elaboration of much earlier teaching that Jews are racially superior to gentiles…” This is why the Nazis “had to” be destroyed: They were the competition. [Article].

23 October, 2011

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Seen: the instruction manual for an American oven. The manual said that some models of that oven have a special cooking feature for Jewish families: the sabbath feature. I’m not sure exactly how the sabbath feature works, but I’m familiar with Judaism, so I’m guessing that every oven task happens automatically, so that the Jews […]