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1 October, 2015

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Ann Coulter:“So in 1965—50 years ago this week—Sen. Ted Kennedy passed an immigration law that has brought 59 million foreigners…” Come on, Coulter. I guess the Jew, congressman Emanuel Celler, who co-wrote and introduced the law (the bill) into Congress in January 1965 (House bill H.R.2580), really just sat on the sidelines and watched Kennedy […]

27 August, 2009

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Jewish TV producer Ira ReallyBigNose: “Now remember, people, just stick to the facts: Ted Kennedy wasn’t just a man, he was a god. Without Ted, all of our lives would have been empty and meaningless. Ted made America a great place to be. In fact, he defined America. Got it?” Newsroom flunkies: “That’s beautiful, boss!” […]