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8 November, 2021

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Yes, there is a New World Order agenda [1]. A giant plan (by the elites) to globalize everything. Instead of having local and regional things, there will be only global things. One world, one people, one government, one currency, no borders, global police forces, global military forces, etc. We’ve seen the NWO plans slowly taking […]

22 September, 2021

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Was the globalist Klaus Schwab, the architect of the World Economic Forum, influenced by Jews? Very much so, e.g., by Henry Kissinger [1]. Does he act like a Jew? In many ways, he does. Most powerful globalists are Jews. Indeed, globalism is a Jewish specialty. Jews are an “international people.” A cosmopolitan tribe, perfectly at […]

21 September, 2021

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Interesting. Follow the globalist/NWO noses: Hook and Kissinger are both Jews. But, although I have heard that Schwab is also a Jew, I have seen no good evidence of it, just random claims. Readers? Do you have a good link for that? […] “It was during this period that Burnham met Sidney Hook, who was […]