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2 September, 2020

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Leftists are famous for redefining/remaking our language to make it less accurate. For example, they remade the definition of “marriage.” Now, a male/male homosexual union is wrongly called a “marriage.” But guess what? White Nationalists can also redefine and remake our language at will. Watch! POC used to mean “Person/People of Color.” But not anymore. […]

23 March, 2017

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Heard on the TV: the actor Matt Damon using the term “the developing world” in a commercial. “The developing world” used to be called “the third world” (i.e., the poorest countries) but that wasn’t PC enough because it made brown people seem like third-class citizens (which they are). The culture-shapers know that if you want […]

24 April, 2015

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(Above: sex chromosomes) “Transgender”? There’s no such thing as “transgender.” You can’t change your sex chromosomes. You’re either an “XX” (female) or an “XY” (male). If you were born a man, you’ll be a man until they put you into a casket, no matter how much makeup you wear or how many surgeries you have. […]

10 February, 2015

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“The word ‘racist’ is simply a Marxist construct, a ‘shut up’ word used to stifle debate.” — radio host James Edwards [1]. [1] the infamous Jewish communist, Leon Trotsky, coined the word “racist” in Chapter 1 of his book “The History of the Russian Revolution.” Some people claim that Trotsky didn’t actually coin the word, […]

4 May, 2009

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Some of you might find this interesting, some not. Newbies, Latin is a White language which was spoken in ancient Rome. It’s part of what you learn when you study the Classics (which Dr. Revilo Oliver taught): [Article].

24 April, 2006

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Two of Net Interest 1. Ideographs and Alphabets Sign language has been around ever since the cave man first grunted and pointed, and may easily be reckoned of as the most primitive form of language.

20 March, 2006

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Something I saw made me see red, I think it was ‘Activia.’ When will the Age of Rounding come to an end? It seems that everything these days has a computer-created moniker, which always begins and ends in a comfort vowel. I don’t like it. Just like their names, every car out there refuses to […]

20 March, 2006

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by Max Hadden In 1998 the University of Illinois Press published a book titled Red Diapers: Growing Up in the Communist Left by two Jews named Judy Kaplan and Linn Shapiro. A red diaper baby is the child of parents who were members of the US Communist Party or who were sympathetic to its aims. […]

14 March, 2006

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One of the pleasures of the Internet is the chance to horsewhip dumb twats like Debbie Schlussel. An even greater pleasure is to lecture morons on proper English. It’s the intellectual equivalent of jerking off, since a world that ill notes the diff twixt possess’ and plural is hardly capable of anything finer. But let’s […]