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17 October, 2021

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Over The Edge (1979; an independent film about juvenile delinquents). Since circa 1967, all the cultural messages received by kids’ brains are negative. That wasn’t true in 1955. (Do you think that’s a Cohencidence? I do. The bible of the New Left, “One-Dimensional Man”, written by Jewish communist Herbert Marcuse, came out in 1964. Yes, […]

20 November, 2020

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As soon as Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden “won” (stole) the election, Covid-19 hysteria vanished. But, now that it’s looking like Biden may not have won the election after all, Covid restrictions have come roaring back! Curious, huh? And of course, all the new Covid restrictions are in states run by leftists (Colorado, California, New […]