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22 September, 2016

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(Above: famed “journalist” Edward R. Murrow, who could make, or break, anyone in America). “Accordingly, it is necessary to discuss the most important tool that the leftist and globalist intelligentsia uses to manipulate public perceptions and opinions. This tool is the Overton Window…” Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough (my idea of gourmet food is […]

12 September, 2016

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Pinochet’s coup: “Chile’s September 11”? That’s real funny, but not at all accurate: the Chilean military staged a coup in 1973, and rightly so given Allende’s horrible leadership, which bankrupted Chile. But whatever; anyway, the poor, poor Marxists: they embrace the most deadly, oppressive ideology in history (90 million people murdered since 1917), yet somehow, […]

1 September, 2016

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There is no academic freedom in America. All of the colleges and universities were taken over by Jews and leftists decades ago (the so-called “long march through the institutions” is a Marxist idea and that slogan was coined by a radical named Rudi Dutschke, who now has a street in Berlin named after him. Of […]

28 July, 2016

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Seen on the TV: a liberal, anti-Donald Trump political commercial where children are watching Trump say “bad” things. Liberals always use innocent children as “political weapons.” When they want to pass gun control laws, they mention “children.” When they want to pass “hate crime” laws, they mention “children.” When they create anti-Trump TV commercials, the […]

23 July, 2016

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What an incredible statement from the NY Times: under Donald Trump’s leadership, the American dream would be reserved “primarily” for Americans. A shocker, itz! The American dream wouldn’t be reserved for Vietnamese or Chinese or Guatemalans or Kenyans! Scandalous! What would America’s White founders think? (Newbies, if America was supposed to be a racial “melting […]

20 July, 2016

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How sad that this is happening in 2016. Anyway, this is what left-wing socialism does to countries: it ruins them [1]. And to think, millions of Americans wanted Bernie Sanders to become our president! [2]. (A member of the late Hugo Chavez’s inner circle, Venezuela’s current president, Nicolás Maduro, is a leftist who once lived […]

17 July, 2016

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White liberal #1: “Uh-oh! This ongoing Black violence against the police isn’t good for race relations in America!” White liberal #2: “Well, if we can just pass more civil-rights laws and more Affirmative Action laws, we can get Blacks and Whites to come together in peace and harmony!” White liberal #3: “I used to believe […]

28 June, 2016

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The political Left likes to say that it is “tolerant” and “peaceful.” Is that true? No. In fact, most political violence in the world is committed by the Left, not the Right. (Read about the violent, left-wing attack on Billy Roper in 2001 Here). [Article].

22 June, 2016

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Tolerant Liberal Congressman #1: “You know what’s great about being a tolerant liberal?” Tolerant Liberal Congressman #2: “What’s that?” Tolerant Liberal Congressman #1: “We never try to force people to bend to our demands. We always let people decide for themselves what course of action is best.” Tolerant Liberal Congressman #2: “Right! By the way, […]

5 June, 2016

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“Pride”? What are the queers proud of? Buggery? Diseases? Not being able to have children with their lovers? Who would be proud of that? Notice the ridiculous claim that “men are made, not born.” Not born, huh? How did men arrive on this earth? They grow from trees, like apples? The political Left was built […]