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17 October, 2021

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LGBTQ?? PPBBBBBTT!! Here’s the big problem: there’s no such thing as the T (Transgender). And there’s no such thing as the Q (Questioning; either you is, or you ain’t, fella!). And L (Lesbian), G (Gay) and B (Bisexual) are all the same thing (i.e., all of them involve homo activity). Stop the lies. Tell the […]

29 February, 2020

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Isn’t childhood supposed to be sweet and innocent? Yes. But it’s not innocent anymore. Thanks to the liberal habit of politicizing everything (yes, everything, including food, soda pop, and family vacations), childhood has lost its innocence. Today, children are pawns in the Left’s crusade against traditional American values. In fact, it’s time to label 21st-century […]

24 March, 2006

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A sideways touchdown signal, courtesy of some odds sports league south of the equator, to be administered whenever things are going your way. Ok, I can’t find a pic of what I mean yet, so settle for this wonderful page of Bryn Mawr butchybird rugy photos. (Warning: may scare younger viewers.)