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16 November, 2021

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Newbies, this action is so classic, and so predictable. The first thing leftists and Jews do, when they want to normalize something abnormal, is: they rename it. In this case, they took “pedophilia” and renamed it “minor attraction”/Minor Attracted People” because it sounds so much better than the previous word. “Her recent book — released […]

17 October, 2021

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LGBTQ?? PPBBBBBTT!! Here’s the big problem: there’s no such thing as the T (Transgender). And there’s no such thing as the Q (Questioning; either you is, or you ain’t, fella!). And L (Lesbian), G (Gay) and B (Bisexual) are all the same thing (i.e., all of them involve homo activity). Stop the lies. Tell the […]