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20 September, 2006

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Yale creates center on anti-Semitism Yale announced the creation Tuesday of the first university-based center in North America dedicated to the study of anti-Semitism.

20 September, 2006

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[Memo to April Gaede. The website is owned by an ostensibly British band, and they make a big deal of their trademark registration. Do they or their operators intend to pull a Church of the Creator attack on your name? Real Prussian Blue’s blog.] Morality in the media universe follows laws as predictable as […]

17 September, 2006

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Very odd that they printed this in the Detroit News Sun. 08/6/06 01:59 PM Mideast_flashpoint Setting precedent could loosely be defined as establishing a pattern. In today’s world when we turn on the television we are constantly and consistently bombarded by pro-Israeli propaganda, there is no two ways about it, it’s a fact, manifestly evident […]

13 September, 2006

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The Tomes Reply to the Times report — By John Bayldon

12 September, 2006

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The truth is slowly seeping out everywhere as another blood libel against the great German people is revealed as false.

7 September, 2006

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Niggers are the victims of whites stealing I.D. Yeah. It happens one out of every 500,000 cases or so. FUCK THE LOXIST LIARS AT CITIBANK. Where’s the ad mocking the mexishit who steals the white woman’s ID? Or the online “Russian” jew stealing the white man’s ID? Or the nigger postal worker stealing grandma’s credit […]

21 August, 2006

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Loxism (lok’ sizm ) NOUN The belief that Jews are superior in human character or ability to non-Jews. Discrimination, prejudice, and hate expressed by Jews against non-Jews. ETYMOLOGY: Latin, derived from Tacitus: “The customs of the Jews are base and abominable and owe their persistence to their depravity. Jews are extremely loyal to one another, […]

19 August, 2006

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Contact information below –>

14 August, 2006

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Gotta luv the kikes hoping the French will bail them out. Don’t do it, France. You have no idea how much time the jews operating our media spend mocking you. France is a great nation. It has problems just like ours, caused by the exact same jews. “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” is loxism.

11 August, 2006

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Many Whites may not realize it, but destroying their own Nordic countries isn’t enough for the Scandinavian sector of our race. The naves were some of the biggest apologists and funders of the Marxist, jew-led ANC – the nigger terrorist group headed by Nelson Mandela, the one recently seen on youtube dancing and singing about […]