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8 April, 2007

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Help Find “Mario,” the Mestizo Child Molester, wanted for raping a 9-year-old white girl by Mark Farrell “Mario”–a pseudonym for a Mestizo–has raped a young white girl in Hamilton County, Ohio. The plague of illegal alien molesters has spread across the plains and now affects even Ohio.

7 April, 2007

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Like we say, Jesus is the only jew the Christians don’t fear. Gutless sons of bitches – follow them to your perdition, fools. Pope Benedict XVI Makes an ADL-Rabbi a “Papal Knight” In what must have bewildered many Catholics across the globe and further disillusioned them from the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI has appointed […]

25 March, 2007

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Free Speech Versus Jewish Propaganda in Australia By Mark Farrell It is a very strange world today. A long time ago, if you didn’t believe the earth was flat, you’d suffer for such beliefs, as Galileo Galilei discovered when he proclaimed the earth was indeed round. At the time, the government insisted that you believe […]

11 March, 2007

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No “hate” is allowed in Canada–except by Jews! Preachers go to jail for condemning homosexuality during church services in Canada. Anyone condemning Jews–or doubting the Holocaust (that is so propaganda-laden that it can only be maintained with draconian laws and totalitarian measures)–is similarly arrested for so-called hate crimes there.

9 December, 2006

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Butler County Ohio Sheriff Jones Busts Large Illegal Alien Fraud Ring Nearby Cities also Begin to Get Tough by Mark Farrell On the night of December 7, Sheriff Richard Jones’ office broke up a large ring of illegal aliens who had been making fake Permanent Resident Alien Cards (i.e., “Green Cards”), Social Security cards, […]

19 July, 2006

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The Televised Propaganda of Israeli Terrorism by Mark Farrell I don’t watch TV too much any more as a result of it being so biased and, quite frankly, depressing–not to mention wasting time on what I perceive as mostly propaganda. It is has become little more than slavishly pro-Israel sound bytes, created by a propaganda-machine […]