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25 May, 2011

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(Above: Salvador Allende) I’ve always found it amusing how Marxist leaders like Allende speak “democracy” out of one side of their mouths and “communism” out of the other side, and their followers don’t notice anything amiss. Anyway, the 1973 Pinochet-vs.-Allende drama seems political only, not racial, but there is a racial element after all: communism […]

14 May, 2011

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Man: “Hello. I want to earn a degree in Marxist Baloney, in order to fight White male patriarchy.” College Administrator: “Well, you’ve come to the right place. This university is dripping with Marxist baloney! Tell me, do you want to pursue Economic Marxism, Cultural Marxism, or Scientific Marxism? Or maybe our latest offering, Green Marxism, […]

29 April, 2011

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In the People’s Democratic Republic of Boasheimer, you spend $50,000 to go to college and learn Marxism [1]. Why put up with goy control on a campus? Why not go to a trade school instead, and save lots of money? [Article]. [1] named after Franz Boas and Max Horkheimer

21 April, 2011

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“To-day France is one of the most enjuive countries in Europe. The headquarters of the Comintern for Western Europe is in Paris, and its offices are full of Jews.” “By 1936 every city, every large factory, and many villages had been thoroughly organized by the Comintern.” — from the book “European Jungle” (London, England; Eyre […]

17 April, 2011

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer (above) says: “All humans are equal. But if, for some reason, they aren’t equal, the solution is simple: just file lawsuits until they are equal.” [Article].

4 March, 2011

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Espionage seems to be in the blood of Jews: 90% of all the “red” spies were yids: [Article].

26 February, 2011

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They need to teach it quickly, before too many people realize that it’s Cultural Marxism [1]. (Wonder if the queer sensitivity training will cover “fisting” and “bug-chasing”?): [Article]. [1] as opposed to regular/economic Marxism

14 February, 2011

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It’s funny how Hungary can find former Axis soldiers to prosecute, yet it can’t find any of the Jewish communist officials who terrorized Hungary after WWII, i.e., Rakosi, Gero, Farkas and the thousands of Jews who took orders from those men [1]: [Article]. [1] those 3 men are mentioned as being Jewish [Here]

10 February, 2011

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Thanks to the Jewing of Western culture, a, uhhh, image created by the late communist Pablo Picasso has sold for a huge sum. Meanwhile, real art goes unsold in galleries from Seattle to Miami. Trivia: Picasso once admitted that the popularity of his work was manufactured, i.e., the public had to be conditioned/brainwashed into accepting […]

8 February, 2011

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The Jewish ideology of communism still murders and enslaves people over a century after the gross and smelly Marx hatched this scheme against the world. Years ago, communism was considered to be a Jewish movement, but today, it’s rarely called “Jewish.” Why is that? (a trick question). By the way, it looks like Kaminski may […]