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18 May, 2010

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There’s nothing to see except accounts of wholesale mass murder and oppression, so just forget about Soviet history, White man! Jewish communism is one big yawner! (*Yawn*) See? [Article].

14 April, 2010

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Great news: after being Jewed twice during the 20th century, Hungary gets anti-Jews into the parliament: [Article].

14 April, 2010

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Communist: “I believe that all humans are equal!” Christian: “So do I!” [Article].

4 April, 2010

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Universities: created by White men but now dominated by Jews, Blacks, Browns, women and queers. Some universities require students to read Marxist authors in order to complete a course, e.g., the Jew Herbert Marcuse’s book “One-Dimensional Man.” (Alex has a saying – which applies to universities – which goes something like this: “you can tell […]

15 February, 2010

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How can you have a White party if it isn’t a White party? Britain’s government is practicing Marxism by forcing this BNP rule change (i.e., communism rejects race but at the same time it’s hostile towards traditional White culture, a weird double-standard [1]. In fact, in that sense, all Western governments practice Marxism): [Article]. [1] […]

11 February, 2010

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Newbies, here’s an interesting historical detail: did you know that Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s 1953/1954 congressional committee didn’t just “haul people in front of it” to testify? The witnesses – almost all of them hostile, Marxist Jews who refused to answer questions – were always given a chance to testify in private first, behind closed doors […]

10 February, 2010

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But you can have a Karl Marx or Leon Trotsky (or other Jewish commie icon) doll; and forget the fact that Hitler, via his actions, probably saved Western Europe from communism. “Thanks,” anyone? [Article].

7 February, 2010

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Is there any communist party not 1) founded by or 2) steered by Jews? [Article]. A photo of Laurence “Laurie” Aarons: [Here].

31 January, 2010

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You don’t have a problem with the school district spending $1 billion of your tax dollars on racial con-games like desegregation, do you? Because if you do, that’s racism. Ask any rabbi. [Article].

8 January, 2010

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Never mind that that’s the type of language they used in the 19th century (i.e., “nigger”). The scary thing about political correctness is that it faces almost no boundaries [1]. It can be found nearly everywhere in Western society. It’s like sunlight. You can’t escape it: [Article]. [1] Jewish communist Georg Lukacs could be called […]