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18 September, 2009

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Catholicism, Marxism – they’re almost the same thing. Both are fundamentally Jewish and both champion human equality [1]: [Article]. [1] the Old Testament is Jewish

20 August, 2009

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer says: “Hey, don’t they know that nobody uses a photo of me without giving me a free taco first?” [Article].

14 August, 2009

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But if he was a Marxist, he could enter any Western country and attend a rally with the greatest of ease, despite the fact that communism is the most extreme “racial” ideology [1]. Orthodox Judaism is also quite extreme, yet Orthodox Jews aren’t banned from White countries: [Article]. [1] communism = originally racial/religious for Jews, […]

4 August, 2009

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It’s about time. In fact, given the Jewing of Hungary – twice in the past century – you gotta wonder why the far Right isn’t stronger there: [Article].

30 July, 2009

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Critical theory, global warming theory – what’s the difference besides the roots and the vines? [Article].

10 July, 2009

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The ghost of Karl Marx says: “Human-equality-through-state-force? I love it! You’ve been reading me, haven’t you? All together now, let’s say it: One Race, One People, Free Tacos!” [Article].

9 July, 2009

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Not a bad article info-wise, but, idea: let’s not lump fascism in with communism, nor call Trotsky – a communist Jew – the father of fascism, ok? (Fascism was created by gentiles in Italy circa 1919/1920 as a reaction to Judeo-communist revolutions; granted, Mussolini was a former leftist) [1]: [Article]. [1] re: the origins of […]

29 June, 2009

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Globalism ensures that entire regions can be controlled without a lot of effort. Sure, the Jews already had the UN to help them tikkun olam, but that’s a weak and limited outfit. And NATO is long on fighter planes and short on political power. But with the EU and the Lisbon Treaty, forcing gentiles to […]

15 June, 2009

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Nazism was killed off decades ago, but the Jewish ideology of communism is still alive and still oppressing White people today – a good example being the ordeal of the American men who were held hostage for 5 1/2 years in the Colombian jungle by the ultra-violent, Marxist group called FARC.There is a new book […]

6 June, 2009

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American war veteran: “You mean, we fought Nazism to make the West safe for communism?” Jew: “Exactly!” The TV news was full of D-Day recollections today. Just think: if Europe wasn’t “liberated” by the “allies,” the Pakistanis in Paris couldn’t vote today. And the communists couldn’t hold seats in the French parliament. Thank God for […]