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22 November, 2009

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A forum thread re: Jews/communism. Names names that your history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, “forgot” to mention: [Forum thread].

16 November, 2009

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Marxist: “On the Left, everyone is equal!” Conservative: “What a coincidence: they’re equal on the Right, too.” [SF Forum thread].

7 November, 2009

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“The European Union is proposing a directive to outlaw discrimination on grounds including sexual orientation and religion in the provision of goods and services.” The EU’s “Equal Treatment Directive” will apparently become law throughout Europe in late 2009, barring any bureaucratic setbacks. This is communism (equality for all), of course, but without any of the […]

28 October, 2009

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Marxist: “Under communism, all of the people are equal!” Democrat: “What a coincidence. They’re equal under democracy, too.” [Article].

14 October, 2009

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This isn’t related to race per se but it is about the battle against the Jewish ideology of Marxism. Argentina’s “dirty war” is an interesting topic to study for several different reasons, e.g., the total hypocrisy of the “international community” regarding it vs. similar leftist crimes [1], and the failure of “democracy” to solve serious […]

27 September, 2009

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(Above: Jewish, communist leader Mathias Rakosi in the dark days of Hungary, circa 1950). The Hungarians, better than anybody, know what the Jews do to a country. But with a little luck, this attitude of Jobbik’s will spread throughout Europe: [Article].

23 September, 2009

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VNN hasn’t forgotten Revilo Oliver (although granted, there is less focus on him here on the front page than on Pierce, mainly for stylistic reasons): [Article]. (Also, re: Oliver and the John Birch Society: read about “The Neutralizers” by Birch Society founder Welch in which he says that anti-Semitism is merely a diversion from anti-Communism. […]

18 September, 2009

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Catholicism, Marxism – they’re almost the same thing. Both are fundamentally Jewish and both champion human equality [1]: [Article]. [1] the Old Testament is Jewish

20 August, 2009

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer says: “Hey, don’t they know that nobody uses a photo of me without giving me a free taco first?” [Article].

14 August, 2009

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But if he was a Marxist, he could enter any Western country and attend a rally with the greatest of ease, despite the fact that communism is the most extreme “racial” ideology [1]. Orthodox Judaism is also quite extreme, yet Orthodox Jews aren’t banned from White countries: [Article]. [1] communism = originally racial/religious for Jews, […]