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30 August, 2018

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The pro-Trump man “was charged with making threatening communications in interstate commerce, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced.” Oh, it’s the old “interstate commerce” thing! Unfortunately, that thing has been ubiquitous since the radical Jewish judge Felix Frankfurter spread it all over the place. These days, the worship of “interstate commerce rules” is a federal government […]

20 May, 2017

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Famous people are in a unique position to see firsthand how the media misbehaves. They can see the half-truths and no-truths written about them, and their fellow celebrities, on a weekly basis: “I don’t believe much of anything I read anymore…the press have been so irresponsible…they’ve destroyed their own credibility to a great degree…” — […]

13 June, 2016

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A news reporter on the TV said, concerning the Florida nightclub mass-shooting by Muslim gunman Omar Mateen (paraphrasing): “we must now come together as a nation.” Hah-hah! Really? As a “nation”?? Newbies, this reporter doesn’t know what the word “nation” means. Apparently, he thinks “nation” and “country” are the same thing. Nope! A country is […]

22 April, 2016

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The way the media is carrying on about Prince, you’d think that Elvis, Johnny Cash and John Lennon had all died in that elevator in Minnesota. One of the reasons for the media’s worship of Prince is that he was not White. Another reason could be that he was, according to his symbol, genderless (although […]

1 March, 2016

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The media demanded that Donald Trump disavow the support of former KKK leader David Duke, as if Trump has any control over who supports him. But I see support for Bernie Sanders from communists on the internet. Is the media demanding that Sanders disavow communist support? No. According to the dishonest media, there is only […]

2 April, 2013

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So much for honest and accurate reporting. What could be more straight-forward and accurate than “illegal immigrant”? Anyway, it’s time for all Americans to unplug themselves from the mainstream news media. Cancel your newspapers and your cable service. Read used books instead. Watch used DVD movies. Walk. Ride a bicycle. Play chess. [Article].

1 April, 2013

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Chimp-outs: they’re happening more and more. Mount Clemens, Michigan in 2008. St. Louis in 2008. Iowa in 2010. Wisconsin in 2011. Chicago on Easter Sunday 2013. A chimp-out, a.k.a., a “wilding,” is when a hundred or so negroes band together and attack humans. Often, the media doesn’t mention the race of the attackers. [Article].

25 October, 2009

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by Alex Kurtagic. “After much controversy, discussion, soul-searching, explanation, and legal posturing, BNP Chairman and Member of European Parliament Nick Griffin was allowed to participate in the BBC’s premier political television program, Question Time. The format of this show consists of a panel of politicians and public figures, sitting at a table, chaired by a […]

15 September, 2009

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by Christopher Donovan. “Major newsmagazines like Time and Newsweek have descended into increasing irrelevance over the years, each one looking more like People magazine than a serious journal of the times. Shorter articles, more fluff.” [Article].

13 September, 2009

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A female relative bought something interesting and I had the misfortune of looking at it. Try this: go check out a women’s magazine – one of those thick, heavy ones found on magazine stands. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s made up almost entirely of advertisements for Jewish cosmetics or Jewish clothing[1]. Very […]