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29 November, 2020

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Curiously, I say, curiously, 2016 was the same year that…wait for it…Donald Trump was elected president! Must be just a Cohencidence, huh? (It must also be just a Cohencidence that 90% of the big media bosses are Jewish, and Jews are famous for hating and fearing Trump, huh? Yeah, that’s all it is. Just happenstance. […]

26 November, 2020

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So, around November 3, a lot of people jumped from Fox News to Newsmax, because Fox too often sounded “anti” in their reporting on the vote-fraud issue. But now, look at this, from an article on Newsmax, Nov. 26: “A lawyer who was dropped from President Donald Trump’s legal team filed lawsuits in Michigan and […]

22 November, 2020

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A good article — note the vote fraud information. (Did the employees at Fox News get a memo from upper management that said, “forget Trump no matter what”? Furthermore, as far as I know, Harris cannot become president by default if Biden is never sworn into office in the first place — which he could […]

8 November, 2020

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Seen on Fox News: Shannon Bream happily chirping that Joe “Where’s My Brain”? Biden has won the election and Kamala Harris has broken the glass ceiling by becoming the first female vice-president and also becoming the first vice-president of color. Yaaay!! Get out the champagne! Human equality is finally here! (Sadly for the media, Biden […]

31 October, 2020

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The mainstream media began losing popularity in the 1990s as it boldly “ran interference” for the Clintons and later for Obama; it protected them at every turn. But Donald Trump has more-or-less killed the mainstream media. Either by design or by accident (maybe both), Trump forced the media from cover and exposed it for what […]

28 October, 2019

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Is Donald Trump a polarizing figure? No. The media made him into a polarizing figure. Big difference there. The media decides who’s controversial, and therefore polarizing, and who isn’t. Citizens are expected to respond accordingly, and some do. BBC News quote, 10/28: “Trump booed at Washington DC baseball match; President Trump was booed while watching […]

27 October, 2019

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In journalism schools, they used to teach “objective journalism” — in other words, they taught the idea that you must report on an event fairly and evenly, favoring no one or no position in your reporting. Fair and balanced. Consider this: the UK’s Guardian newspaper says this, in print: “Our reporting on the environment, from […]

30 August, 2018

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The pro-Trump man “was charged with making threatening communications in interstate commerce, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced.” Oh, it’s the old “interstate commerce” thing! Unfortunately, that thing has been ubiquitous since the radical Jewish judge Felix Frankfurter spread it all over the place. These days, the worship of “interstate commerce rules” is a federal government […]

20 May, 2017

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Famous people are in a unique position to see firsthand how the media misbehaves. They can see the half-truths and no-truths written about them, and their fellow celebrities, on a weekly basis: “I don’t believe much of anything I read anymore…the press have been so irresponsible…they’ve destroyed their own credibility to a great degree…” — […]

13 June, 2016

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A news reporter on the TV said, concerning the Florida nightclub mass-shooting by Muslim gunman Omar Mateen (paraphrasing): “we must now come together as a nation.” Hah-hah! Really? As a “nation”?? Newbies, this reporter doesn’t know what the word “nation” means. Apparently, he thinks “nation” and “country” are the same thing. Nope! A country is […]