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17 December, 2006

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By Hugh Lincoln Here’s a revealing story from today’s NYT, in which a white gentile woman from (gasp) Nebraska heads off to New York to start a new job, and (ohmyGodBecky!) runs into the managing partner of Weil Gotshal & Manges at a cocktail party and is soooooo impressed.…ss&oref=slogin I think the story says […]

3 December, 2006

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[Will appear in coming issue of White Patriot Leader.] Burnt Toast: How Media Jews Blackened White Entertainment by N.B. Forrest When I was a kid, my parents and I looked forward to watching syndicated country music programs every weekend: Hee Haw, Pop Goes the Country, The Porter Waggoner Show, and others. In the ’80s, the […]

7 November, 2006

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10 October, 2006

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4 October, 2006

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Fags are born not made, lie Big Queer & Big Jew. Was Foley a homo before he was molested? Fact is, people are adaptable. They learn behaviors, even bizarre and destructive ones. Fags seek to turn marginal individuals into brothers of the rectal sleeve. The judeofagists create an environment through “gay-straight alliances,” “gay safe zones” […]

17 September, 2006

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Very odd that they printed this in the Detroit News Sun. 08/6/06 01:59 PM Mideast_flashpoint Setting precedent could loosely be defined as establishing a pattern. In today’s world when we turn on the television we are constantly and consistently bombarded by pro-Israeli propaganda, there is no two ways about it, it’s a fact, manifestly evident […]

15 September, 2006

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[Well done, and quite funny and true – like all cowards, Fox implies what it hasn’t the guts to say. All the reward, without all that nasty risk.] Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Look at the Use of the Question Mark

13 September, 2006

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Fox buries a new movie from Beavis & Butt-head creator Mike Judge, a self-avowed social conservative. Is his vision of dumbed-out AmeriKwa a little to close to the bone for jewish execs? Is this another example of jews foregoing profit for politics? Then why produce the movie in the first place? Judge for yourself, but […]

8 September, 2006

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Lots of good stuff here, chanced across via Google.

3 September, 2006

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The Media Calls him Al Qaeda, but his Jewish Father Calls Him Adam Pearlman By Curt Maynard The CNN article[1] is entitled “American al Qaeda: U.S. should convert to Islam,” and if that wasn’t scary enough the article then quotes one of the speakers on the alleged “Al Qaeda” tape, a Jew named Adam Pearlman, […]