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12 June, 2006

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What happens when reporters won’t report? You must become the reporter. In this case Beck tries to uncover the facts. So, I gave it a shot: I tried to pry the facts from a reporter about this recent case involving a Black USAF Sargeant Michael Sydney and his role in coercing women for sex. Via […]

7 June, 2006

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The original cast returns: Alex, Agis, Chain and Stan. Direct MP3 download (55 MB): Direct MP3 download Podcast: Streaming & Archives: here

29 May, 2006

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The Hawthorne Report returns for another installment. Direct mp3 download: thr025300648k.mp3 Podcast: Archives: here

22 May, 2006

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After a long intermission James Hawthorne returns to VNN Broadcasting to host The Hawthorne Report. James is known to many on VNN as the host of Aryan Matters. Archives Page: here Latest Broadcast Streams: 16K and 48k Mp3 download: thr015220648k.mp3 Welcome back James!

16 April, 2006

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It seems, at first glance, that RBN radio – the network that banned radio host Peter Shank – is run or partly-run by Robby Noel – who is Jewish but is often referred to as merely a Rhodesian [1]. Noel is the webmaster of a financial website that has the same street address as RBN, […]

5 April, 2006

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I have a bad feeling about this article – it is going to seriously date me. Yesterday, five of the major Hollywood movie studios announced that consumers could download movies from the internet – for a price and with restrictions, but never-the-less an evolutionary move. Movielink and CinemaNow will offer download-to-own sales of feature films […]

17 March, 2006

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“Good Night and Good Luckâ€?   reviewed March 16, 2006   Perhaps no political figure in history other than Adolf Hitler has been vilified by the jewsmedia more than Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957).  In fact the word “McCarthyismâ€? was coined during the 1950s as a shorthand to demonize political opponents and is still in […]

14 March, 2006

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If jews were in our position, they’d put together all kinds of programs and packages using the new technologies. They’d have “The Nigger Channel,” (“tonight!: TNB on TNC – must-see ‘boovision”) featuring non-stop nigger criminal behavior intercut with hours of niggers being niggers. “Watching paint dry,” a documentary on the porch monkey. The supply of […]

12 March, 2006

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[Truman Capote, subject of recent Oscar-nominated movie, was the homosexual author of In Cold Blood, a masterpiece in a new genre, concerning the murder of a Kansas farm family. Capote, like any top writer, was well aware of the, uh, peculiar milieu that is New York publishing, which is to say jew/mediacontrol/print.htm, in Internetese, as […]