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27 June, 2014

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Sadly, Oldman has since apologized to the Jews for his rant. (They always apologize upon reflection. Even Brando did). What sort of country do you live in when, if you tell the truth, you have to apologize? It should be, if you tell a lie, you have to apologize. This is what the Jews have […]

24 February, 2011

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Gee, you’d have to be really drunk to say that Jews start wars… [Article].

11 February, 2008

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It seems that Gibson isn’t worthy of an award due to his prior remarks about Jews. But notice that Judaism itself is racism, and it predates Christianity [1]. Why is a rabbi living in Ireland, anyway – a Western country full of Catholics? An interesting fact: after television arrived in Ireland in 1961, the power […]

28 March, 2007

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Post from lefty blog Orcinus on Gibson, his father, Catholicism, Donohue, ignoble tapirmen.

31 December, 2006

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Apocalypto Now: Abortion and Human Sacrifice in the Americas by E. Michael Jones Apocalypto is some indication of how far we have come in a very short time. The base line for Mel Gibson could be The Patriot, produced in 2000, which portrays America from the point of view of its beginnings in the Enlightenment, […]

10 October, 2006

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In the year 1683 a huge army of savages from Ottoman Empire ( more than half a million ) approached Vienna. Here they met a much smaller army – a Polish army with the help of German army under the leadership of Polish king Sobieski. Europeans beat the hell out of Turks, beating them mercilessly. […]

6 August, 2006

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MEL GIBSON’S LONG FIGHT AGAINST LOXISM “Crucify him! Crucify him!” “I wanted it [“may his blood be on us and our children”] in,but, man, if I included that in there, they’d be coming after me at my house, they’d come kill me.” “They wrote a document to say change this scene, take this scene out, […]

6 August, 2006

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My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant. Is it over? Is it really over? Do the Jews now run everything and everybody? Oh, Mel…how could you? Please say it isn’t true.

3 August, 2006

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Alex, on Free Live Talk your were talking about Gibson’s wealth. His bio page on the Internet Movie Database says he is the wealthiest actor in the whole world:

1 August, 2006

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This is why I can’t stand that Jeboo shit. These fucks always go crabwise in the end. Gibson, you stupid pussy, tell them to fuck off like you were a man. “I hate jews? They hate Christians. Fuck ’em. Wait till you see my 6 Million Bwahaha Productions release: Judeobolshevism: The Real Red Holocaust.”