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24 September, 2021

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Seen on the TV: a “travel” type of show that was basically a celebration of Mexican culture in the Southwestern U.S. The show featured Mexican food, low-rider cars, mariachi music, young gang-banger-type “Latino” men (cholos) acting tough while wearing bandanas and shirts buttoned at the top only, and so forth [1]. It was quite a […]

29 June, 2014

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The Mexican military didn’t know that the people they were shooting at were U.S. Border Patrol agents? Baloney. Those agents have clearly-marked vehicles and uniforms. What a curse: Mexico and America sharing the same border. [Article].

9 March, 2013

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Some people might think that the sickness of Cultural Marxism (i.e. human equality) only infects the White countries [1]. Well, it did at first, but now, it’s starting to creep into “macho” non-White countries like Mexico. [Article]. [1] Cultural Marxism vs. Economic Marxism