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17 April, 2022

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This video is from late 2021 but is still relevant. Can you imagine: money that isn’t inflationary? (Currently, American money is inflationary by default due to “fractional-reserve banking” rules. Our money constantly loses value)[1]. An expert on Bitcoin says: “it’s unique, and, it’s the most conservative thing in history.” [Video; 2 hours]. . [1] “fractional-reserve […]

4 April, 2022

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“Pound recognized two very important threats to the international banking community that arose out of the Third Reich. First, Hitler abandoned the gold standard, meaning that Nazi Germany suddenly had the power to prevent defaulting on its future debt simply by printing money — a power that the U.S. copied from Germany just as it […]

18 December, 2021

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Take out a $5 dollar bill and hold it in your hand. Are you holding $5 dollars? Nope. You are holding a piece of paper that represents $5 dollars. The paper “stands for” $5 dollars. You aren’t holding actual money. You’re holding paper that’s worth nothing. Paper money sucks. Thomas Jefferson warned America against paper […]

26 July, 2020

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“In most mentions, the reference is to how whites are better off at the expense of others.” [Here]. People X are better off “at the expense of others.” No way. That’s left-wing “zero-sum” baloney. Limbaugh used to talk about that in the 1990s. Zero-sum-theory goes like this: “If a White person gained $20.00, then somewhere […]

11 June, 2020

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All leftists in America should immediately stop carrying U.S. money. Why? Well, whose images are on U.S. money? Right! Images of evil White men! Some of those men owned slaves (Washington, Jefferson)! So leftists should cease carrying U.S. money right away. In fact, they should convert all of their U.S. money into Mexican pesos, or […]

11 November, 2019

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Seen on the TV: a commercial in which Joe Citizen is portrayed as “smart” for using Brand X credit card. That’s funny! How is he smart for using a credit card? Thanks to interest payments (which can be as high as 20% depending on various factors) and hidden banking fees, he’s paying more money by […]

21 September, 2019

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There are two types of con games: the short con and the long con. The Federal Reserve itself is a long con. It’s been going on for decades. We have all heard that “America is not a command economy like the Soviet Union. It’s instead a free-market economy where public demand/activity decides monetary activities and […]

14 July, 2017

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Big Bank Jew #1: “I got rich by ‘Quantitatively Easing it’ into goy rear ends. They borrow more money with QE. Who would have thought that you could get filthy rich by creating and moving electronic money from one computer to another computer? Heh, heh. It isn’t even real money. It’s air money that we […]

22 April, 2017

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A review of the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin: [Here]. The book (a PDF file). (The Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg mentioned as being responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve system: [Here]).

23 April, 2016

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A non-White (Treasury Secretary Jack Lew) removes a White man from the U.S. $20 bill and puts a non-White woman onto it [1]. What an outrage. America is a Western country and non-Whites are not Western. Harriet Tubman has no business being on U.S. money. Furthermore, the back of the new $10 bill will feature […]