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5 October, 2020

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News quote: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ president issued another plea for members to help end racism, saying Sunday at the faith’s signature conference that God loves people of all races equally and that it pains him to see Black people suffer prejudice.” Communism is the denial of race and creed. Christianity […]

20 July, 2020

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Let’s face it: the Jewish religion of Christianity is a loser for White people [1]. Many of the ideas found in Christianity are basically Marxist (e.g., human equality). Even the Southern Baptists (one of the most conservative branches of Christianity) have some leftist ideas. This guy has an idea: usher in a new, better version […]

27 January, 2015

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The Mormons are moving closer and closer to full fag acceptance (FFA). [Article].

13 November, 2009

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Holy Jeebus, even the “latter-day saints” are jumping onto the pro-fag bandwagon. Egalitarianism: it’s a disease you catch from Jews: [Article].

15 October, 2008

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Did you move to the Mormon State to escape the third-worlding of California or New York? Well, bad news: Your plan didn’t work: [Article].

27 December, 2006

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Reader alerts us to a trailer for a movie demonizing the FLDS, whose Warren Jeffs was captured earlier this year. Jeffs is a fundamentalist Mormon. That means he sticks to original Mormon principles, including anti-mudism and polygamy. And he encourages his flock to “bleed the beast.” Oh, how the government and its handmedia hate this. […]