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27 January, 2015

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The Mormons are moving closer and closer to full fag acceptance (FFA). [Article].

13 November, 2009

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Holy Jeebus, even the “latter-day saints” are jumping onto the pro-fag bandwagon. Egalitarianism: it’s a disease you catch from Jews: [Article].

15 October, 2008

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Did you move to the Mormon State to escape the third-worlding of California or New York? Well, bad news: Your plan didn’t work: [Article].

27 December, 2006

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Reader alerts us to a trailer for a movie demonizing the FLDS, whose Warren Jeffs was captured earlier this year. Jeffs is a fundamentalist Mormon. That means he sticks to original Mormon principles, including anti-mudism and polygamy. And he encourages his flock to “bleed the beast.” Oh, how the government and its handmedia hate this. […]