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8 November, 2006

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5 October, 2006

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52-minute documentary written and directed by Daniel Schweitzer (2005) The most interesting part of this film concerns Russian skins. The report claims they number 50,000 and enjoy popular support. It credits them with the assassination of Nikolai Girenko, one of these ‘human rights’ hypocrites whose main speciality was advising courts to lock White men in […]

20 September, 2006

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13 September, 2006

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Fox buries a new movie from Beavis & Butt-head creator Mike Judge, a self-avowed social conservative. Is his vision of dumbed-out AmeriKwa a little to close to the bone for jewish execs? Is this another example of jews foregoing profit for politics? Then why produce the movie in the first place? Judge for yourself, but […]

17 April, 2006

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Reviewed by Rich Brooks “A History of Violenceâ€? is one of the better films I have seen recently. Directed by Canadian jew David Cronenberg, it professes to be a strong message against violence, yet I failed to view it as such. To me it was more of a film noir crime mystery which raised serious […]

9 April, 2006

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Wendy Goes to the Movies by Wendy Campbell [email protected] Hi All, Here’s my little review of a movie I just rented last night and watched, entitled Prime, a recent movie that was also just released to be rented. (By the way, I wonder why it was titled Prime?) It stars Meryl Streep as the quintessential […]

22 March, 2006

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I have always been a fan of horror, and science fiction movies. Therefore, I paid a visit to the local movie theatre Saturday night to watch a horror movie entitled “The Hills Have Eyes”. This is a remake of the earlier (1977) movie, which I have not seen. Well, I went to the theatre expecting […]

17 March, 2006

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I finally had the opportunity to see the much ballyhooed “gay cowboyâ€? movie, “Brokeback Mountain.â€? But just as I had suspected, the film simply didn’t measure up to all of the hype. Two positive things about it though: the scenery is spectacular and there are no niggers or jews in the cast. No, wait a […]

17 March, 2006

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Last week we again saw the Hymiewood Academy choose among five leftwing, anti-White “best pictureâ€? Oscar nominees. As was true last year, they chose as the winner the one movie I was previously unaware of and which, coincidentally, was a product of the same screenwriter, Paul Haggis. Haggis, whose work prior to “Million Dollar Babyâ€? […]

17 March, 2006

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“Good Night and Good Luckâ€?   reviewed March 16, 2006   Perhaps no political figure in history other than Adolf Hitler has been vilified by the jewsmedia more than Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957).  In fact the word “McCarthyismâ€? was coined during the 1950s as a shorthand to demonize political opponents and is still in […]