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21 2011f January, 2011

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“Beethoven is upright and honest, whereas jazz is sneaky and treacherous and effeminate and just plain foreign.” – from the movie “My Life So Far” (1999).

7 2011f January, 2011

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Zulu (1964, starring Michael Caine and Stanley Baker). Zulu is based on a true event. It’s about an epic battle between British Army soldiers and negro warriors (the Zulu) in 1879 in Natal province, South Africa [1]. The Zulu attack on the British soldiers is relentless and bloody, lasting 2 or 3 days. The British […]

19 2010f August, 2010

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The Stepford Wives (1975, starring Katharine Ross and Paula Prentiss; based on the book by Ira Levin). If this movie was meant to portray gentile men as evil anti-progressives who want obedient wives who exist only to cook and clean, I think it back-fired. I think most men would want a Stepford wife – in […]

15 2010f June, 2010

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“Danton” (1983), starring Gerard Depardieu. In French with English subtitles. This movie was directed by Polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda, who also directed the 2007 movie “Katyn,” about the infamous forest massacre of 1940. Wajda’s father was murdered in the Katyn massacre. “Danton” is about one of the most horrible events in human history: the French […]

17 2010f May, 2010

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“Robin Hood” (2010), starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Directed by Ridley Scott. I expected much more from a Crowe/Scott pair-up. I found the movie to be “lots of show, but not much go.” Plus, this version of Marian was too much of a feminist for me. Gimme the 1938 Errol Flynn version of RH […]

18 2010f April, 2010

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Well, of course it is. Don’t be silly! Speaking of “Sex and the City,” actress Sarah Jessica Parker is its central figure and icon. Is that because: 1. She’s a beautiful woman and her beauty will attract lots of viewers? 2. The heavily-Jewish entertainment industry believes that she has classic Jewish features and wants to […]

9 2009f November, 2009

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“The Widow of Saint-Pierre” (2000; starring Juliette Binoche and Daniel Auteuil, in French with English subtitles). This movie is a departure of sorts, since, for once, being liberal has severe consequences, as a French army captain/jail warden and his wife find out on a remote, French island (Saint-Pierre) located off of Newfoundland in 1849-1850. They […]

28 2009f September, 2009

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Abandon Ship! (1957) by N.B. Forrest. I saw this movie (based on a true story) for the second time last night, and was reminded just what a gem it is. It starred handsome Tyrone Power (the last White man ever to sport the name “Tyrone”, incidentally). He played Alec Holmes, executive officer of the ocean […]

16 2009f September, 2009

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by Dr. William Pierce. (Note: there are two new films about Ginsberg, above): “Three weeks ago a man named Allen Ginsberg died, at the age of 70. If you were a university student in the 1960s or 1970s, his name will be very familiar to you. He was the person chosen by the media to […]

2 2009f September, 2009

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by Gott. Hawks was a major Hollywood player from his first sound film in 1930 (The Dawn Patrol) to his last film in 1970 (the sadly bad Rio Lobo). He came from money and class – his family arrived from England in 1634, farmed where Boston now stands and went on to found and pretty […]

27 2009f August, 2009

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In a sane society, this movie would be loudly rejected by everybody, young and old alike. (At least we used to have the Hollywood Production Code, which ended in the late 1960s): [Interview].

16 2009f March, 2009

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by Iranian For Aryans. “I watched this horror-fantasy stop-action claymation tale tonight. Like its predecessor, A Nightmare Before Christmas, I was very impressed. Both productions are macabre, phantasmagoric, and utterly wild in their conceptions and depictions of other-worldly scenes and places. Essentially, this tale is one that centers around a situation that is “too good […]

18 2009f February, 2009

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This 2008 movie stars Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes. While not exceptional, this film is worth watching for the great art and architecture, which take the viewer back in time to a pre-Jewed Europe. Good cinematography, too.

27 2008f November, 2008

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Watch the German documentaries “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” online: [VNN Forum thread].

18 2008f September, 2008

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Many Hollywood Jews became patriotic Bush-supporters after Sept. 11, 2001 – you’re surprised, aren’t you? “An American Carol,” directed and produced by David Zucker, is a neoconservative parody of Michael Moore and liberalism: [Article].

10 2008f August, 2008

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Two actresses kiss in Jewish filmmaker Woody Allen’s new movie. One of the actresses, Scarlett Johansson, has a Jewish mother. Who’s for bringing back the Catholic-spawned Production Code, which was grudgingly adopted by Jewish Hollywood in order to avoid government censorship of movies? (The Production Code ended in 1968, about the same time America’s culture […]

14 2008f March, 2008

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I just watched “Beowulf”   “Beowulf as depicted by a Nordic female painter. Beowulf is a hero through-and-through.”   “Beowulf the Modern: a bastard product of Jewish cultural perversions.”   I thought it was a sordid affair. It was, as to be expected, a corruption of the original tale. It Jewed everything down. There were […]

20 2007f September, 2007

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“Eastern Promises” is a new film about Russian mobsters in London. Does this movie portray any of the characters in it as Jewish? [1][2]: [Review]. [1] the Russian mob mentioned as being mostly Jewish: [Here] [2] about the movie’s director, Cronenberg: [Here]

8 2007f August, 2007

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By Rev. Ted Pike: [Article]

19 2007f June, 2007

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“America certainly has improved,” says Hollywood film mogul Ira Bloomrosenfeldwitz. “I mean, a Black actor playing the role of God twice in four years – that’s what I call progress.” [Article]

4 2007f April, 2007

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Sounds at least mildly interesting… ‘Black Book’

21 2007f March, 2007

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“I know how y’all white folks get when you lose.” Jigs be poolin’, NASCARin’. Jigs be golfin’ ‘n’ bowlin’. Jigs are getting their tennis on. Everywhere you look, jigs be jigging jiggily; laurelatin’ and medalizin’. And whitey be hatin’ and resentin’. Cuz that’s what Whites do. According to jew producing the tribal tripestream media. Trailer. […]

11 2007f March, 2007

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By Andrei Kievsky Gay Porn at Wal-Mart; Borat the Movie promoted as “family entertainment” I rented “Borat” last Friday and got through about 20 minutes of it before turning it off in disgust. The funniest part was the preview where you hit “enter” on the DVD control to start the movie. It had a parody […]

23 2007f January, 2007

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Reviewed by Cowboy Zeke As one VNNer put it this could be the most important film of our time. “Idiocracy” is about the future of mankind which is not bright, both in terms of optimism and intellectual terms.

18 2006f December, 2006

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We already live in the ‘Kwa, but it can get worse, and Mike Judge shows how. A good article by Steve Sailer… BTW, it’s been a long time since VNN had a regular movie reviewer, so if any of our new readers would like to try their hand, feel free.