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26 May, 2008

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A negro is the suspect in that stabbing death: [Article].

1 April, 2008

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WHY AMERICANS WILL BELIEVE ALMOST ANYTHING – by Tim O’Shea It is an exhausting and endless task to keep explaining to people how most issues of conventional wisdom are scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by a thousand media clips per day. In an effort to save time, I would like to provide just a […]

21 March, 2008

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A suburban police sergeant who is married to a New York City anchorwoman was charged Wednesday with raping a 17-year-old girl hours after he helped arrest her boyfriend at her house. New Rochelle Sgt. David Rodriguez pleaded not guilty to forcible rape, agreed to an order of protection keeping him away from the teenager and […]

11 March, 2008

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White Aussies are “voting with their feet”: [Article].

21 October, 2007

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11 October, 2007

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White men play second fiddle to minorities and women. Why is that? Didn’t White men build the West? Also, how many Jewish lawyers does it take to create a “human right”? Are there any statistics about that?: [Article].

19 September, 2007

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Racial diversity doesn’t seem to working out as promised by the Jews and their useful idiots, the liberals. In fact, it’s likely that within the next 30 years many liberals are going to be having second thoughts about racial diversity, when crime rates are sky-high and negro-staffed government offices can’t function properly. Indeed, Dr. Pierce […]

15 September, 2007

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Parents object to a video shown to their kids at school. About the controversy: [Here] About the video: [Here] About the video’s Jewish director/producer, Chasnoff: [Here] and [Here].

11 September, 2007

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The White race is the greatest race in history, and the non-Whites know it. That’s why they hate us. They’re jealous of us, and they fear our abilities. Non-Whites should be thanking us for giving them everything they have: the cars they drive, the telephones they use, the advanced medical care they get. Yet they […]

26 August, 2007

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It seems that the American Jewish Committee was pretty busy in the 1950s: [Here] More AJC material: [Here]