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18 September, 2017

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Rolling Stone was a “counterculture bible for baby boomers.” Yep, that’s right. It’s impossible to tell how many young White people were influenced by that magazine (which was founded in 1967 by Jewish publisher and Berkeley Free Speech activist Jann Wenner), but you can bet that the number is in the tens of millions. It […]

10 July, 2017

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“When (John) Denver ended his business relationship because of (Jerry) Weintraub’s focus on other projects, Weintraub threw Denver out of his office and called him a Nazi.” — Wikipedia. Imagine! John Denver, a very liberal folk singer, as a “Nazi”! Jews routinely accuse gentiles of being paranoid racists, yet their actions reveal the true paranoids.

30 August, 2016

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“Greensleeves” (English, circa 1580) [Video].

22 April, 2016

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The way the media is carrying on about Prince, you’d think that Elvis, Johnny Cash and John Lennon had all died in that elevator in Minnesota. One of the reasons for the media’s worship of Prince is that he was not White. Another reason could be that he was, according to his symbol, genderless (although […]

11 January, 2016

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Was Ziggy Stardust a male or a female? Who cares. He uplifted “The Other” and the pop world is in mourning so don’t interfere with its grief. (Granted, Bowie’s “Space Oddity” was a good song – some freaks have talent). [Article].

1 August, 2015

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(Above: the creepy but way-too-popular Jew, Sigmund Freud, a.k.a. Sigmund Fraud) The debut album by the rock group The Doors (1967) was a high point in the history of rock music. It’s a good record [1]. It also helped to increase awareness among young people of Sigmund Freud’s sick idea that all boys secretly want […]

20 June, 2015

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Jethro Tull, “Heavy Horses.” A good old anti-technology song from 1978. Down with modernism! Bring back the horse-and-plow days!

21 May, 2015

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Not nationalist per se. Scottish rock band Nazareth: [Video].

15 April, 2015

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The famous opera singer, Renée Fleming, gives singing tips. Interesting. It’s amazing what White people can do with just a piano and a vocal. [Video, Part 1]. [Video, Part 2].

24 February, 2015

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Tchaikovsky: the Nutcracker Suite. It runs for about 21 minutes; it is part of, but not to be confused with, the longer-running Nutcracker ballet music, which runs for roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Nutcracker Suite is one of the best pieces of classical music ever written; if Top 40 radio had existed in […]