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21 May, 2021

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Cool song. Lead singer Eric Adams (real name Louis Marullo) can really belt the vocals. Of course. Ever met an Italian who couldn’t sing? Neither have I. [Video, 5 minutes].

8 May, 2021

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A good version of the song, The Impossible Dream, from the 1965 Broadway musical “Man of La Mancha,” which is, loosely, about the novel Don Quixote. Mr. Cavara does a wonderful job here. The song was originally written by a Jew named Leigh (real name Michnick), but, whether that Jew “took some liberties” when he […]

30 December, 2020

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Where do fruit go on vacation? Meloncamp. Ha-ha! A knee-slapper. “Small Town” by John Mellencamp. I spent a lot of time in a small town; I miss it. It’s probably dead by now. Most of its citizens, no doubt, have fled to the big cosmopolitan cities. That is called “progress” for some reason. How is […]

7 December, 2020

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While 4-part-harmony “barbershop” music (meaning four men singing a cappella together, with no instruments used) was sometimes performed by Black people in the 1800s, it was largely a White thing, and it still is [1]. Today, PC historians try to claim that Blacks invented barbershop music. Nope. Blacks didn’t invent peanut butter, either. One of […]

10 October, 2020

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Apparently, Eddie Van Halen was god-like in the guitar world. But why? Was Van Halen a fast guitar player? Yes. Very fast. But, was he a good guitar player? By many accounts, he was only so-so, talent-wise; his guitar solos were at times catchy, but not at all historic. We live in a world today […]

16 August, 2020

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Rick Beato (pronounced Bee-at-o) asks: Why Do People Hate Jazz? [Video]. I hate most jazz music. It’s mostly Black, it’s way too busy and way too loose. No boundaries. No walls. But I like some jazz: Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra, for example. Frank Zappa also has some good jazz music. Just like humans can […]

23 July, 2020

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Arguably the best Iron Maiden album. Not a dud song on it. Iron Maiden, “Piece Of Mind” (1983)

2 July, 2020

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Do you remember back in 1972, when country music was about driving your pick-up truck to Tulsa, with your faithful dog Buck sitting next to you, and getting drunk, and then driving your pick-up truck to Omaha and getting drunk again? Well, those happy days are long gone. The Jews took over country music circa […]

27 May, 2020

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(Above: Bill Haley). I like Elvis Presley, but he wasn’t “The King of Rock and Roll” music. (And forget Chuck Berry, who is called “The Father of Rock and Roll” by many people: he came along in 1955, after Elvis). Those two titles belong to Bill Haley. Indeed, Haley enjoyed a number of “firsts” in […]

24 May, 2020

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Wilmot Robertson (1915-2005), who was the author of the popular 1973 book “The Dispossessed Majority,” was the editor/publisher of the “underground” pro-White magazine Instauration (“restoring”), which was published monthly from 1975 to 2000. This article is from Instauration, March 1980. MUSIC AND RACE Long regarded as the special culture of Southern rednecks, country music has […]