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2 July, 2020

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Do you remember back in 1972, when country music was about driving your pick-up truck to Tulsa, with your faithful dog Buck sitting next to you, and getting drunk, and then driving your pick-up truck to Omaha and getting drunk again? Well, those happy days are long gone. The Jews took over country music circa […]

27 May, 2020

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(Above: Bill Haley). I like Elvis Presley, but he wasn’t “The King of Rock and Roll” music. (And forget Chuck Berry, who is called “The Father of Rock and Roll” by many people: he came along in 1955, after Elvis). Those two titles belong to Bill Haley. Indeed, Haley enjoyed a number of “firsts” in […]

24 May, 2020

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Wilmot Robertson (1915-2005), who was the author of the popular 1973 book “The Dispossessed Majority,” was the editor/publisher of the “underground” pro-White magazine Instauration (“restoring”), which was published monthly from 1975 to 2000. This article is from Instauration, March 1980. MUSIC AND RACE Long regarded as the special culture of Southern rednecks, country music has […]

19 March, 2020

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Jean-Philippe Rameau (French, 1683-1764). Rameau gets it: classical music should be bold, bright, fresh, hopeful, and non-sleep-inducing. Just as Shakespeare could turn a phrase, Rameau could turn a note. [Audio; 1 hour, 12 minutes].

16 March, 2020

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Irish band The Cranberries in an acoustic performance. Sadly, the singer Dolores O’Riordan is dead now. She drowned due to alcohol intoxication in January 2018. [Video; duration is 19 minutes].

7 March, 2020

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Alex once asked (paraphrasing) “how can Wagner be a musical genius when he only wrote one memorable piece of music (Ride of the Valkyries) and even that one isn’t exactly jaw-dropping?” Yes. He’s right. Most of the “musical geniuses” in history aren’t really geniuses. If you want Mozart and Beethoven, you can keep them. For […]

27 February, 2020

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It’s a tragedy that one of the best, and most popular, songs of the 20th century (Unchained Melody, which was popularized by two White gentile singers) was written by two Jews. Oh, well, what can you do? At least all the good versions of the song are sung by White gentiles. It’s sad that nearly […]

2 December, 2019

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A very good album, surprisingly enough. [Video/audio].

8 November, 2019

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(Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with White nationalism per se). I’m always interested in what Zappa has to say about music. Now, I may not always agree with what he says, but, I’m still interested in what he says, re: music. Note the mention of John Lennon, Yoko Ono and MTV. I give […]

7 November, 2019

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This 1949 song is famous and has been recorded by countless famous people. But Johnny Cash’s version, posted here, is probably the best version. [Video].