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25 June, 2008

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What is the world’s biggest hate crime? The Bolshevik holocaust? No. Hitler’s “Holocaust”? Nope. Slavery? Mistreatment of the American Indians? No. The world’s biggest hate crime began in earnest after World War II and is still occurring today: it is the deliberate ruination of the White countries via non-White immigration and egalitarianism. We’re talking about […]

15 June, 2008

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Elite leaders always think they can do as they please. Note that Sarkozy’s mother is Jewish: [Article].

3 May, 2008

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A look at the Muslim threat to European culture. Note: Pipes is Jewish: [Article].

20 March, 2008

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Created by neoconservative manipulations, the Iraq War began March 20, 2003. It has already cost $526 billion dollars and claimed at least 4,000 American lives [1][2][3]: [Article]. [1] about neoconservatism: [Here] [2] about neoconservatism, Bush and Iraq: [Here] [3] about the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans: [Here] and [Here]

21 February, 2008

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This column raises a good topic for newbies to consider: why do the “parasitic” Jews ruin their “host” countries? Eric Thomson addressed that matter in 2000. Here’s part of what he wrote: The Jew “is a congenital subverter and corrupter who cannot stop himself from undoing his own work upon the attainment of his power. […]