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28 October, 2013

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We Americans were told that NATO pilots (most of whom were Americans) “had to” drop bombs on the Serbs in 1999 because the Serbs were committing “ethnic cleansing” against Albanian Muslims. There’s only one problem: it wasn’t true. Worse, the Muslims started the fight against the Serbs. Bottom line: the war on the Serbs was […]

31 August, 2013

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Seen in the media: Russia’s mention of the UN Charter vis-a-vis Syria. Did you know that a Jew wrote the UN Charter? That alone should make the UN a questionable organization, not to mention NATO, which came from the UN Charter. Anyway, global government is not legitimate. As I’ve said before, we learned in Political […]

5 June, 2013

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Jews get nervous when White people rebel against their Jew World Order [1]. The Whites rebelled once and the Jews want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. [Article]. [1] the JWO includes leftism, non-White immigration, feminism, internationalism, global government, and hate-crime laws

3 July, 2012

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International Jew: “I’m sorry. We can’t allow a new Muslim state in the Middle East. That wouldn’t be good for Israel. But we can allow a new Muslim state in the Balkans – in fact, we’ll use NATO to create one for you!” Muslim: “Gee, thanks!” International Jew: “No thanks are necessary, the pleasure is […]

18 May, 2012

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According to the media and the “human rights” groups, the Serbs are the only people who have committed ethnic violence in the Balkans. That claim is, of course, baloney. The truth is that Muslims were the instigators and aggressors of the Serb-vs.-Muslim ethnic feud. [Article].

29 April, 2012

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We learned in Political Science class that all countries have automatic sovereignty. In other words, whatever occurs within a country’s borders is no other country’s business. But that idea doesn’t seem to apply to countries that the Jews don’t like. (Apparently, the Jews aren’t worried about India or China having nukes. By the way, the […]

9 November, 2011

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Of course, the Jews won’t attack Iran themselves, just like they didn’t attack Iraq themselves. They’ll get America (or, these days, NATO) to do the attacking. They’ll do the benefiting. [Article]. and [Article].

7 June, 2011

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…courtesy of a little tikkun olam! One globalist, Jew-founded entity (NATO) is paving the way for Qaddafi’s downfall. Another, related globalist entity (the UN) will “oversee” the replacement of Qaddafi with whomever the globalists want. Where did these international outfits get the authority to do all of that? Good question. Anyway, “post-Qaddafi Libya” will be […]

1 May, 2011

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Cruelty, thy name is Jew. Zionism (a Jewish movement) and NATO (a Jewish creation) [1] have killed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren. That’s especially odd since, 2 weeks ago, NATO was only supposed to be “enforcing a no-fly zone” over Libya. [Article]. [1] NATO came from the Jew-written UN Charter. The UN came […]

2 August, 2010

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Wait!…come back…what about Pakistan, and Somethingstan, and Somethingsomethingstan?…your work for Big Jew isn’t finished yet…what about tikkun olam and democrazy?… [Article].