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17 August, 2012

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Many people are unaware that traditional rules of evidence were not followed at the Nuremberg trials of German officers. Instead, half-baked and hearsay evidence was allowed. In fact, president Dwight Eisenhower’s brother, Edgar, who was a lawyer, said the Nuremberg trials “cannot be justified by any line of reasoning.” [Article].

28 April, 2012

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Why do some people think that Christianity (a Jewish-rooted, egalitarian religion) is somehow good for Western culture (as opposed to Nazism)? Christinsanity isn’t even Western. It’s Middle-Eastern. Further, you can’t serve two masters. You either serve your race, or you serve Jesus. Also, as Alex once said: if Christianity is so great, why did the […]

18 April, 2012

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One hundred years from now, they will still be dreaming up new ways to brainwash White people about the Nazi era. [Article].

30 March, 2012

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Jews and leftists can’t just oppose something, they must destroy it. Why? Because Jews and leftists are children in adult bodies. In fact, Dr. MacDonald once noted that Jews – like children – react to things more emotionally than Whites do. The fact is that Hitler’s parents had nothing to do with Nazism or fascism. […]

15 January, 2012

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An interesting thread at VNN Forum. While I fully understand the logic behind private citizens owning gold, I also find it curious that Hitler didn’t need gold to keep Germany strong [1]. Today, many rich elites own gold and they can raise or lower the price of it by buying or selling it at certain […]

6 January, 2012

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To quote a Jewish author, law is “the house specialty” of the Jews and their attempts to use it as a weapon against White culture have succeeded. For example, here in America, look at the Brown v. Board of Education court case: even though the legal arguments used by Jewish “experts” weren’t based on the […]

1 January, 2012

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Good reading for newbies who aren’t familiar with the colossal farce that was Nuremberg, a.k.a. Jew’emberg. Not only did Jews like Murray Bernays and David “Mickey” Marcus plan the Nuremberg show trials, they even picked many of the judges and prosecutors. Some of the Frankfurt School teachers were there, and Hermann Göring’s interpreter was a […]

12 December, 2011

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[…] “The Tanya contains two noteworthy ideas: First, an elaboration of much earlier teaching that Jews are racially superior to gentiles…” This is why the Nazis “had to” be destroyed: They were the competition. [Article].

17 September, 2011

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“Arthur Kitson, the world’s greatest independent monetary economist, said in the British National Review of March, 1935: ‘The aim of the International Financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt.’ In correspondence with me, before he died recently, Mr. Kitson made it clear that the International Financiers were Jewish, urging me not to […]

8 September, 2011

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Why not sentence the girl to read science fiction? It’s just as real as the Anne Frank tale – she herself described her famous “diary” as a novel. [Article].