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13 April, 2006

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On 11 April 2006, the Savitri Devi Archive published an e-book of Savitri Devi’s Defiance (Calcutta: A.K. Mukherji, 1951) in html, PDF, and Word versions:

9 April, 2006

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The ignorant idiots who write for would rather malign Hitler and follow Alex Jones than read and learn real history. The two “Teds” on that site constantly compare the present US government to the Third Reich and Bush to Hitler without knowing jackshit about it. They constantly refer to Hitler’s rise to power as […]

9 April, 2006

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Saturday, 8 April 2006, was the debut of the Savitri Devi Archive (, an online repository for writings and documents related to the philosopher and religious thinker Savitri Devi, born Maximine Portaz (1905-1982). The Archive will eventually make all of Savitri Devi’s writings available. In addition, the Archive contains information and documents on Savitri Devi’s […]

7 April, 2006

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Some descriptions of the judeo-milieu the good guys flushed, twice, since itz a long way to the United States of AmeriKwa. Arendt saw in Strauss’ careful attitude toward the Nazis all the signs of a sniveling opportunist The minute a physical threat appears, the jew intellectual becomes charming, cautious, a tad obsequious — all the […]

6 April, 2006

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In the early hours of 21 February 1949, Savitri Devi was arrested in Cologne, British Occupied Germany, for distributing pro-National Socialist posters and leaflets. She was tried on 5 April 1949 for National Socialist Propaganda, certain opinions being illegal in “liberated” Germany. Found guilty, she was sentenced to three years imprisonment, but was released at […]

28 March, 2006

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Hitler’s Plans for Berlin as New ‘Eternal City’ Adolf Hitler intended to recreate the Vatican’s St Peter’s Square in the centre of Berlin to honour his ally Benito Mussolini, newly discovered documents have revealed. Albert Speer, the fuhrer’s chief architect, was commissioned to draw up the plans, which have been discovered by historians examining his […]

27 March, 2006

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The Savitri Devi Archive is pleased to announce the publication of And Time Rolls On: The Savitri Devi Interviews, edited by R.G. Fowler, in a limited edition of 200 clothbound copies. For more information, please visit:

26 March, 2006

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General History: It takes someone with considerable skills to take on the complex history of Nazi Germany. Here are my two favorites.

26 March, 2006

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No more anti-Semitism! The nonsense of the uneducated, the “socialism of the fool,” must finally be eliminated in Frankfurt. Anti-Semitism must be absolutely abolished! The editor of an anti-Semitic newspaper cannot be allowed to reveal members of the Jewish race to the public, to uncover their misdeeds, and to call for the state attorney to […]

24 March, 2006

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