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7 June, 2007

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Clearly the tapirs are nervous about the diminishing shekel flow generated by Hollowco$t Inc. 62 years down the track. Oy – troubling! Perhaps attributing the development to the shocking plunge in the frequency of jewsmedia/classroom mentions of History’s Greatest Crime to once every other nanosecond, they’re administering an emergency Nevah Forget! mindschtup, using their hideous […]

2 May, 2007

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“Aw, Mommy – poking the Lyons with a stick is FUN!” Gene! Greetings! It’s your ol’ pal Mr. Asshole – you remember, the jew-hating nut from Virginia? How’s it hangin’, my man? I read your column about the mass-murdering gook kook Cho, and I thought I’d give you the benefit of my critique. I strongly […]

30 April, 2007

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Check this shit: Brit writer spills the beans about The Greatest Generation’s post-Good War German genocide – naturally, theTelegraph jewhos soiled themselves in their haste to add the required mitigating language, lest they bring down the nose-shofarin’ wrath of “Lord” Janner: “After the atrocities that the Nazis had visited on Europe, some degree of justified […]

14 April, 2007

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Letter sent to that cunt Eleanor Clift: “Imus’s comment about the women basketball players offered a peek into how at least some of white America thinks, and it’s not pretty.” Well hey – neither are those basketballers. Imus’ remarks were a visceral reaction to the hideous sight of tattooed she-men. Imus should’ve been praised for […]

3 April, 2007

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Check this shit about Nat Rothschild, the 35 year-old in line to become the 5th “Baron” Rothschild, Tapir di tutti Tapiri. A real piece o’ work, itz:

30 March, 2007

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I was watching some show about an ugly kike who undulates around the world eating disgusting “exotic” shit, then of course crows about it in that multicunt way. He was in the Phillipines in this particular episode, and he came across a peckish gookaboo gourmet who decided to treat his discriminating palate to a most […]

20 January, 2007

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Christ, that rancid blob of corned beef ‘n’ cabbage Hannity spread its gelatinous buttocks Liffey-wide for Lord Hyman tonight: Comfortably ensconced was one Neal Sher, former head of both AIPAC and the OSI mob of kike shyster/thugs who hound old German gentlemen whose asses they are not worth to lick. Clearly Jimmuh Cahtuh’s recent testicular […]

21 December, 2006

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A true gem for the “When the Goddamn JEWS Take Over America!” retrospective….. Behold the regal judenphiz of Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs’ $53.4 MILLION PER YEAR botfly: Here Sharing a private rat-laff with his equally handsome rebbe: Here And with his fellow Shysters o’ the Universe: Here “Here’s 10 bucks, ya pathetic goy slobs – […]

16 December, 2006

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A no-doubt-instantly-deleted communique sent to MSNBC’s Bill Walton in drag: Rita! I just watched your interview of David Duke. In it you repeatedly urged him to express his opposition to the suppression of Iranian dissidents when he meets with Ahmadinejad. Fair enough, fair enough. But I noticed that you – hmm, how to phrase this….. […]

12 December, 2006

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Response sent to Wolf Shitzer: I saw your editorial-thinly-disguised-as-news piece about Iran’s Holocaust conference: Opening with the fact that “Ex Ku Klux Klan leader!!” David Duke was invited (as if that automatically proves that his views and those of the other attendees are a pack of lies); the mirror-perfected raised eyebrows and sneers of the […]