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21 January, 2022

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The National Socialists (aka, Nazis) used to complain about “Jewish science” and rightfully so: many scientific “theories” come from flaky Jewish “scientists” like Magnus Hirschfeld and Albert Einstein (who stole E=MC2 from an Italian named Olinto De Pretto; even worse, that famous E=MC2 theory is wrong)[1]. Did you know that global warming/climate change “science” is […]

19 April, 2021

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Jesus? A myth. Jewish “chosenness”? A myth. “He’s just a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn”? There’s no such thing as a nice Jewish boy from anywhere. “Einstein invented E=MC2”? He found it and popularized it, but he didn’t invent it. Everything surrounding the Jews is a myth. The Italian guy who invented E=MC2, known as […]