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6 April, 2022

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“They Live” (1988; science fiction); starring Roddy Piper. (go widescreen to end small box pop-up) [Video; 1 hour, 34 minutes].

25 March, 2022

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“No Man’s Land” (2001); a war movie; “Two wounded soldiers, a Bosniak (Ciki, portrayed by Branko Duric) and a Bosnian Serb (Nino, portrayed by Rene Bitorajac) are caught between their lines in the no man’s land, in a struggle for survival.” — Wikipedia, March 2022. (Note: wide-screen mode will end the little pop-up box on […]

17 February, 2022

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“Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison” (1957); starring Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr. If you ignore the usual, standard anti-Japanese WWII propaganda, it’s a good movie. Great characters, great acting. Mitchum is always good. (Trivia: America and Imperial Japan were friendly for years, until president F.D. Roosevelt decided to “fix” that “problem.” The Americans hung Japanese Prime […]

4 December, 2021

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The Searchers (1956); starring John Wayne. Want to watch a movie that has everything going for it? This is it: it has action, adventure, romance, tragedy, bravery, great scenery, a great director, and White pride. It’s hard to find a more-complete movie than The Searchers. [Movie; 1 hour, 54 minutes; must be in full-screen mode […]

12 October, 2021

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Fantasia (animated, Disney, 1940). Negro centaurs (half-human/half-horse) in 1940?? Man, the race baloney started early! Negroes in Greek mythology!? [Video; 2 hours; just click “continue” if you’re 18 or older].

7 July, 2020

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Experiment in Terror (1962), starring Glenn Ford and Lee Remick. Must be good: Hollywood keeps trying to censor it anytime it appears online. [Video; duration is 2 hours ].

7 July, 2020

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Ridicule (1996); in French with English subtitles. About the importance of being witty. [Video; duration is 1 hour, 37 minutes].

15 June, 2020

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The Searchers, 1956; starring John Wayne and Ward Bond; in English. One of John Wayne’s best movies; you couldn’t make The Searchers today, due to “racism” and so forth. [Movie; duration is 1 hour, 58 minutes].