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4 February, 2022

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Black History: 1. constant failures/general incompetence 2. constant crime 3. constant drug use, e.g., crack cocaine 4. constant sexual intercourse/pregnancies 5. eating fried chicken 6. smokin’ da chronic (marijuana) 7. talking loudly in movie theaters 8. assaulting White people for trivial reasons 9. butchering the English language with pidgin and jive

19 June, 2021

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Juneteenth commemorates the ending of slavery in America. White people ended the slavery, by the way. The UN didn’t force them to. Nor did NATO, or Jesus. Juneteenth is now a federal holiday, thanks to Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden. It’s just another political/racial weapon that will increase Black racism against Whites. A totally unnecessary […]

30 April, 2019

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“Woke”: It’s the new, stupid, negro word. The other day I saw a mainstream newspaper using this hip-and-trendy word to describe a White actress’ liberal political views. Apparently, if you have culturally Marxist views, you are “woke.” (No, you are a “joke” but I digress…). The word “woke” — as used today — is negro […]

24 August, 2010

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Stupid ghetto “language” be legits, dawg! [Article].

22 March, 2010

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Mebbe it be de big lips. Mebbe it be de big noses. Mebbe it be de huge asses. Mebbe it be de flat feets… [Article].

6 February, 2010

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It’s sort of appropriate now: [Article].

3 January, 2010

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Gadzooks, holy crap and oh-my-God: do you know what that recruiting could lead to? The preservation of Western culture and the things that would come with it, e.g., less crime, less corruption, graffiti-free cities, English instead of pidgin. Frightening to think about, isn’t it? [1]: [Article]. [1] Young people: pidgin = broken English. For example, […]