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5 March, 2017

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(Above: Ana Pauker, one of the communist Jews who terrorized Romania; few of the Jews who committed real crimes against humanity were ever charged with a crime; contrast that to Nazi officials, who were tried for mostly-imaginary “crimes” and hanged; incredibly, Pauker is often portrayed as a “victim” of Romania’s communist regime due to “anti-Semitism” […]

18 July, 2016

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Good for you, Poland! Both Hungary and Poland are rejecting the Jew-sponsored Brown “refugee” invasion of Europe and they are catching 7 kinds of shit as a result; as if countries no longer have sovereignty. Make no mistake, newbies: if you allow thousands of Brown people into your White country, they will eventually outbreed the […]

20 January, 2015

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In 1990, the Polish government revised the official Holocaust-victims number downward by 2.5 million. Yet strangely, the Jews still say “6 million” of them were murdered. [Article].

27 September, 2014

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(I previously talked about how the Jewish, communist thug Lazar Kaganovich was never charged with any crime. Above are the Jewish, communist thugs Hilary Minc and Boleslaw Bierut, who terrorized Poland. Neither man was jailed for any crime)

24 September, 2014

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(Above: the mass-murderer Ana Pauker) Good. It’s about time communists paid for their many crimes. Unfortunately, most communists will never see the inside of a jail cell because bringing them to trial isn’t a big priority for most countries. (You see, the history books have declared that communism isn’t as evil as Nazism, despite having […]

18 October, 2012

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Dr. Pierce once said that democracy encourages lying. It’s true. What is a Western politician but a “liar with charisma”? Look at this new memorial park – called “Four Freedoms Park” – honoring the liar who played a major role in starting World War II [1]. While F.D. Roosevelt said that he was going to […]

21 May, 2010

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You won’t be shocked to learn that that party, like most European communist parties, was heavily Jewish. It was co-founded by, among others, the Jew Adolf Warski, who, for some reason, has a shipyard named after him in Szczecin, Poland. (Do you think they’ll ever name a shipyard after Alex Linder or David Duke?). In […]

3 September, 2009

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“The most critically acclaimed film in the history of Polish cinema”: [Article]. More about the movie: [Here].

23 January, 2009

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“Historians have established that six million Jews were murdered…” They have? What about the fact that Holocaust victim numbers have been revised downward in recent years? For example, the Polish government erased 2.5 million victims from the Auschwitz death rolls. So, how does the “6 million” number remain unchanged? (That’s what’s known as “Jewish math”): […]

12 December, 2008

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This is a sound legal argument. Israel is a haven for Jewish criminals who flee from prosecution – a great example of that being the notorious Solomon – a.k.a. Salomon – Morel, who fled to Israel in 1992: [Article]. More about Morel: [Here].