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10 February, 2013

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It seems that there is a difference between the two, thankfully. But nonetheless, how many sheriffs would actually defend White Nationalists? (Very few). [Article].

8 September, 2010

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There’s nothing to see, folks, just keep walking, move it along, don’t block the sidewalk, it’s just some “egg activism” by persecuted Hispanics who are fed up with daily racism from “The Man”… [Article].

18 July, 2009

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How horrible for your wife/girlfriend not to be able to trust cops at 1:00 AM on some dark highway. And the situation will only get worse: as America fills up with Blacks and Browns, law enforcement agencies will also fill up with Blacks/Browns: [Article]. [Article].

15 December, 2008

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Once again, let us all say in unison: “Thanks, Mr. Celler.” [Article].