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14 January, 2015

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Seen on the TV: a documentary about a 40-ish White man who plays pranks on people for a living. Apparently, the pranking pays well, because he owns, or at least rents, a big house. The Jews, who control virtually everything on television, love the idea of pranking. It fits into their worldview, their general attitude. […]

26 October, 2014

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Having a pop culture isn’t the same thing as having a real culture. A real culture lasts for centuries, passed down from generation to generation, unchanged and traditional, whereas a pop culture is a series of immediate nothings manufactured by the media and Hollywood, a parade of trends and fads designed to distract and corrupt. […]

14 October, 2014

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Thanks to Cultural Marxism [1], we are slowly becoming a society where every human will be considered equal regardless of his race, religion or lifestyle. You’re a child molester? No problem. America’s greatest poet, Allen Ginsberg, was one – you’re in good company! You’re a serial killer? No biggie – besides, it helps control overpopulation […]

22 August, 2014

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It’s interesting, but not surprising, that Bouguereau is listed as most-popular. (One art critic said that Bouguereau’s art fell out of favor with the Western public because the public’s taste “had changed.” That’s not accurate. What happened was: the people who controlled Western popular culture – i.e., Jews and leftists – changed the public’s attitude […]

28 June, 2014

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Sorry, White man, you’re not “The Other” so you’re not invited to the party. (Newbies, the celebration or championing of The Other is the most important part of leftism. Since White men built the West, such championing is anti-Western and anti-White-male by default; such championing exists only because White men allow it to exist. Jews […]

29 May, 2014

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A no-talent Black poet dies and our pop culture cries big tears about it. Angelou (her real name was Johnson) was a lyric poet, and lyric poetry is a White/Western thing. Angelou was a negro, so it was never going to work (like trying to put a square peg into a round hole). In fact, […]

19 February, 2014

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Riots continue in Kiev as globalists try to force the Ukraine to embrace “The West” and the New (Jew) World Order. No doubt “Western” governments are helping the rioters. Western governments want to bring the Ukraine under Western influence so that they can use it as a possible “weapon” or at least a “watchdog” against […]

24 January, 2014

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That’s why the queers push “gay rights” so hard. It’s the last no-no that hasn’t been legitimized. All the other taboos (race-mixing, drug use, multiculturalism, promiscuous sex, etc.) are now “normal” or very nearly so. Of course, the pro-homosexual movement was built by Jews and is pushed by the Jewish-controlled media and pop culture. [Article].

18 January, 2014

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Can you imagine a Western leader publicly saying that homosexuals are a danger to children? Ha! It would never happen. It’s funny how non-Western leaders like Putin – who are supposed to be such liars – tell more truth than leaders of the “free” Western countries. Of course, there’s a reason for that: in the […]

2 August, 2013

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Some people may find this video quirky or offbeat, but nonetheless, he makes some good points about modern women. (Of course, “Western” women are really “Judaized” women since our pop culture [e.g., TV, movies, magazines, newspapers] is run by Jews). [Video].