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18 July, 2011

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White nationalism isn’t a fad, like disco or roller-skating. (Notice the mention of “public schools”). [Article].

19 August, 2007

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Prussian Blue are back from Europe. VNN Broadcasting goes live with Panzerfaust and Bud White. LIVE STREAMING AUDIO Forum Thread

20 September, 2006

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[Memo to April Gaede. The website is owned by an ostensibly British band, and they make a big deal of their trademark registration. Do they or their operators intend to pull a Church of the Creator attack on your name? Real Prussian Blue’s blog.] Morality in the media universe follows laws as predictable as […]

21 March, 2006

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[Yet another subCoulter (Blonde Sagacity, right) makes a valid point in contrasting the respectful treatment accorded a dusky doggerel manufacturer vs. the hate heaped on Prussian Blue. Of course, the sC is quick to assure us she is very, very disgusted by blondes who wouldn’t be the last in their line.] 2) Michelle Malkin has […]