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28 February, 2022

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Who’s the president now? You can bet that it isn’t Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden. Whoever he (she?) is, this is clever stuff (by the way, the “acting president” just sent another 7,000 troops overseas, in addition to 2,000 troops sent a month ago. But under what legal authority? Only the actual president can send […]

26 February, 2022

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An important video. This explains a lot, re: Ukraine/Putin. [Video; 13 minutes].

25 February, 2022

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All you need to know about Ukraine today: the Jews, the Biden Administration, the global media, the EU, and Justin Trudeau are all pro-Ukraine (and anti-Russia). Nancy Pelosi said on TV, angrily, that Putin’s soft (relatively speaking) invasion of Ukraine on behalf of two small, largely-Russian breakaway areas of Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk) was “an […]

23 January, 2022

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All of the Jewish-controlled, “Western” democracies are making moves against Russia. They eventually want to “regime-change” Russia in order to make it “the America of the East” (e.g., Blacks, queers and Jews holding high positions in the government). Ever since the 1936-1937 Soviet purges, the Jews haven’t trusted Russia, so nobody else should either, say […]

8 December, 2021

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President George Washington, the father of America, gave a speech when he retired in 1790. In that speech, he said the America should avoid foreign entanglements. Foreign conflicts. Did America heed his wise advice? Of course not! Just the opposite: today, America gets into a new war every 12 years on average. Globalism is American […]

28 October, 2021

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Name one thing, just one thing, that Whites gain from globalism (such as the UN and NATO). (*buzz*) Time’s up. You can’t name one thing. Don’t bother trying. Globalism is a one-way street. Non-Whites win. Whites lose. White people: leave the UN and NATO immediately. End stupid international treaties, such as the Paris climate-change treaty. […]

19 April, 2021

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Big Jew: “I hate and fear the Russians. They know us Jews too well. They know that we sacked Russia in 1917 and terrorized her for decades, and Eastern Europe as well. That’s a big problem for me. If I hate the Russians, then you hate the Russians, too. Right???” America and England: “Yes, master! […]

3 February, 2020

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God: “Russia! Russia! Russia!” The Devil: “Putin! Putin! Putin!” Marcia Brady: “Russia! Russia! Russia!” Jimmy Hoffa: “Putin’s the new Hitler!” Bigfoot: “Russian election interference! Russian election interference!” Shaggy: “Like, Russia’s gonna invade us any day now, Scoob!” The bad guy with no teeth in ‘Deliverance’: “Trump is in cahoots with that fella Putin!” Marvin the […]