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15 June, 2007

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“To the first group must now be added Marxism – a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism.” — from the book “East and West” (New York; Mentor Books, 1965) by historian C. Northcote Parkinson, p. 241.

21 February, 2007

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From jew agent Jonny Geller’s book Yes, But Is It Good for the Jews? (2006): If you are the type of person who can no longer enjoy Great Works of Literature if you learn negative things about your favorite authors, then please skip this section. All the below are Not Good for the Jews. Their […]

5 September, 2006

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Great novel, now made into movie with Sean Penn in lead. (Forties urmake.) The story’s about Huey Long, who was assassinated by a jew. Here on Gerald L.K. Smith, who believed that FDR had Long assassinated (PDF). Good overview of Long here. Some interesting stuff about jews in America, especially in colonial times. Here for […]