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12 July, 2019

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“I think I’ll work on the electrical system without checking it for live current first” — this Chinese doofus no doubt said to himself. A web search shows that most accidental human electrocutions occur in non-White countries. Duh. Cautiousness is a White trait. Being an idiot around hazardous substances/situations is a non-White trait. (e.g., I […]

30 September, 2016

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(This post was inspired by a negro who was electrocuted at his workplace. Apparently, it did not occur to him to verify if the power was off before making repairs to machinery). Newbies, an important difference between Whites and negroes is that Blacks are naturally less cautious than Whites. For example, a Black is more […]

21 August, 2016

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Brazil: a multicultural “casserole” of Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, Whites and every other race. Brazil is full of crime, corruption, incompetence, poverty, disease, filthy beaches, filthy water, to name a few bad features. (Brazil had 7 years to prepare to host the 2016 Olympic Games, but it was still very unprepared – so much so […]

4 December, 2013

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This is a true story. One day, a non-White woman was in a grocery store. She had a small child with her, who was about 3 years old. While she shopped, the woman (we’ll call her “Mrs. Brown”) allowed her child to ride in her shopping cart at the very top of the cart, in […]