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7 September, 2014

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Political correctness doomed investigations into the sex crimes. By the way, thanks to Jews, racism is a crime in England – hence the fears about identifying the Brown abusers [1]. [Article]. [1] England has “racism police,” which are officially and euphemistically called “Community Safety Units.” According to their website, “CSUs will investigate incidents of the […]

19 March, 2012

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Does your White country have “racism police”? If not, just wait a few years. (By the way, it isn’t surprising that a young negro would suffer a heart attack. Blacks are usually less healthy than Whites, due to genetic factors). [Article].

10 August, 2011

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Blacks riot in England for a 5th straight day after a mulatto drew a gun on police and was shot dead as a result; notice that many of the media photos of the riots show White rioters. A few Whites are, of course, taking advantage of the situation in order to steal and vandalize, and […]