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22 June, 2015

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I had a White friend who had previously lived in Hawaii. He told me that most of the “locals” (the native Hawaiians) hate White people and aren’t shy about saying so. The locals call White people nasty names and they consider the Whites to be invaders. Yet, the leftists and the Jews never call the […]

16 June, 2015

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(Above: Otto Klineberg) Language isn’t aggressive unless it’s confrontational or just way too blunt. So most “microaggressions” aren’t aggressions at all. But anyway. Notice how Frankfurt School race-and-word-baloney has changed a bit. It has evolved. For example, saying that “there’s only one race: the human race” is now taboo, whereas back in the 1950s that […]

15 June, 2015

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(Above: Detroit, before the Black invasion from the South) Given the fact that Blacks, as a people, are basically worthless, one has to wonder how any White person could pretend to be Black [1]. [Article] and [Article]. . [1] name a country or a city that has improved by becoming more Black. You can’t. The […]

17 March, 2015

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No thanks, just coffee…uhh…black. [Article].

10 March, 2015

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Apparently, there were no Blacks on the bus. So who did the Whites offend with their “racist” chant? I hope that the expelled students file lawsuits against the university. [Article].

7 February, 2015

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Oh, wait, that’s right: race doesn’t exist! But we’ll pretend, just for the sake of argument, that it does exist. (It’s not mentioned in the article, but non-Whites are also more likely to have abnormal hemoglobin, e.g., the disease Thalassemia). [Article].

26 January, 2015

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Jews were the first people to insist, as their official doctrine, that they were superior to everyone else. They invented bigotry [1]. Yet, they have led the movement to ban racism in the West. Funny! “The panel of experts drafting the proposal includes a retired Italian supreme court judge, a former King’s College professor, and […]

24 January, 2015

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Oops, it looks like the Blacks were wrong – again. The “hands up, don’t shoot” thing was pure baloney. It never happened. Michael Brown was a typical negro thug, plain and simple. But he remains a hero and martyr in the Black community (one Black journalist suggested, on TV, with a straight face, that Brown […]

17 January, 2015

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(Above: Franz Boas, one of the founders of the race-doesn’t-exist movement) Before Boas, anthropology was known as physical anthropology. It focused on the physical details of man: bones, teeth, etc. Then along came Boas to upset the apple cart circa 1900. He changed anthropology from being physical-oriented to being cultural-oriented. Further, he made anthropology into […]

30 December, 2014

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“White supremacists”? That’s an odd term. If Whites aren’t supreme, who is? Who gave the world almost everything it has? Who invented the light bulb? Who invented democracy, allowing negroes and Mexicans to vote? (Bad idea, that was). Who invented hamburgers and french fries? Who gave the world to mankind? Whites did. And how do […]