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27 April, 2008

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It’s too early to tell who will be speaking at this rally besides Paul, but it could be a good opportunity for speakers to address certain issues, such as: Israel and American foreign policy; the true nature of America’s money system; the media and who dominates it, and so forth: [Website].

13 August, 2007

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Video of Alex’s speech at the Kalamazoo rally on August 4th, 2007 (note: you may need to download a video program to view this; if you have a dial-up internet connection, the video may take a while to download): [Here]

11 August, 2007

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[Article]. More: [Here]

5 August, 2007

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[Rally speech audio archive – hear every speech.]   Backstory: Rise of gang violence in Kalamazoo, Michigan, including dozens of black-on-White attacks and usual cop-pol-media coverup, leads radio host Hal Turner to call a rally on August 4, 2007.   Following are 19 images from the rally. They are all under 200kb.

9 July, 2007

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Details about the rally: [Here]

16 June, 2007

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Comments about the rally, at the VNN Forum, as they arrive: [Here] A news article about today’s rally: [Here]

16 June, 2007

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5:45:Tony is on the road, driving while completely exhausted. He pulled over to nap, says he will offer a full report when he, “. . . is not so loopy.” He has been awake for over 36 hours (spending most of this time driving). Thank-you, Tony. Great speech, Alex. Video and stills coming soon. These […]

16 June, 2007

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VNN Broadcasting is live all day today, covering Alex and Tony’s exploits at the rally in Knoxville from 9 A.M. EST until 3 P.M. EST. The two will be interviewing attendees and documenting events live. In addition, I will be “live-blogging” the event as videos and stills arrive. LISTEN LIVE (Shoutcast) Listen Live (Windows Media)

13 June, 2007

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About the upcoming rally, this weekend: [Article] More about the rally: [Here] Still more information: [Here]

3 April, 2006

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Mr. Linder, I sent this to your website and asked that it be forwarded.  I’m sending it to you just to give it as much visibility as possible. I’m not a member, although I do check in often to read the news.  I’m asking that you send this to some of your members who may […]